It’s finally here! American Idol is back! I am so excited.  Episode 1 brought us 2 hours of auditions from Savannah, GA and Episode 2 had 1 hour from Pittsburgh, PA, the first time auditions had ever gone to Pittsburgh. (I love all those bridges.)  It also brought us some stickers on Get Glue!  It turned out I forgot to check in for the “coming soon” sticker, but it gave it to me anyway along with a whole slew of others on the first night and a Pittsburgh sticker for night 2.

Right now, like most of the viewers, I am on team Phillip Phillips. (And you thought Aaron Kelly’s mom being Kelly Kelly was funny – at least she married in to the name!)  Of course, I expect myself to find multiple other favorites throughout the audition process but for now he is the one.  So much so in fact, night #2 just seemed kind of blah in comparison to him closing out #1.  (Let’s just hope he lives up to the hype too – I know a lot of times I think that contestants will really be going places but they fizzle out in Hollywood rounds)

Some others that I thought were pretty good were… from Night #1 – David Leathers, Shannon Magrane, Amy Brumfield, Stephanie Renae, Schuler Dixon (though I am not in to her brother and I don’t like that he was able to audition and make it through without having registered or anything!) and of course Phillip Phillips. (Did you notice his Dad was Phillip Phillips Sr?)

From night #2 some names I wrote down were… Samantha Novacek, Travis Orlando, Emma Van Pelt (was that her first name?) and Hallie Day.

I am trying to pick some sort of schedule for posting and for the most part I will try to post my thoughts on Fridays.  HOWEVER, I was a bit slow on scheduling out my months so some fridays already have previous obligations locked in. So don’t be surprised if they show up on Saturdays and Sundays as well. (Not to mention things might get shifted if I can’t watch live due to being at other concerts, etc!)  But I will be trying real hard to post at least something about all the episodes somewhere around once a week.  (I’m also going to be trying to blog about The Voice so that’s a LOT of TV watching and sometimes re-watching and note taking and blogging – but I am up to the challenge!)

The next episode will be on special on Sunday after the big game!  As if my Sunday nights were not busy enough with TV watching 😉


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