Tim Urban recently tweeted that he was going to be performing at a high school in Connecticut with someone to contact for more information.  I contacted Brittany, one of the students in charge of the event and she offered to hold a ticket for me. Originally the show was supposed to be on Saturday evening, but we got a pretty big snow storm Friday night in to Saturday afternoon so the show got moved to Sunday afternoon instead.

I got to the high school early and was able to go in and see part of rehearsal. Tim was rehearsing with Brittany and her sister Jennifer and then Brittany and Jennifer did a song alone and then left the stage.  I got a spot in the 4th row for the show and waited for 1pm to roll around for the show to start.

Tim came out first and said he was introducing Brittany and Jennifer, who sang Adele’s Crazy For You.  Then they did a trio with Tim and sang Disturbia.  Then it was time for just Tim.

I have to say, Tim was hilarious and it was a really fun show because he interacted with the crowd (even though he really couldn’t see us due to the bright spotlight.)  He played a lot longer than I thought he would and although he only did 1 original song (which will be on his album which he said should be out soon) it was a great set and I was thoroughly entertained.  If you weren’t a fan of his during idol, check him out again if you get the chance because I definitely think he will win you over.

He talked a lot in between songs, about how he was from LA and doesn’t see snow a lot so the amount of snow we got was “crazy”, but we probably think it is nothing.  And how he is from Texas and Washington so he says “Y’all guys” which is a combo of y’all and you guys.  He also mentioned that Simon was mean, Randy was weird, he didn’t know anything that Kara said to him and that he liked Ellen and she hugged him…  He screwed up the chords during Daughters… which I think I have on video and will be posting soon.  He was just a lot of fun and at times it was more like we were just hanging out than watching a show.

I have a bunch of videos to go through that I’ll hopefully be posting soon so keep an eye out for that! (Either later today or in the next few days!)

Setlist under the cut!

Crazy For You (Adele) – Brittany and Jennifer
Disturbia – Tim, Brittany and her sister

Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)
Come on Get Higher (Matt Nathanson)
Sunday Morning (Maroon 5)
Sooner or Later
Breakeven (The Script)
Daughters (John Mayer)
Grenade (Bruno Mars)
Rolling In The Deep (Adele)
Secrets (One Republic)
Boston (Augustana)
Banana Pancakes (Jack Johnson)
Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis)
Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley)

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        1. I’m not home for the weekend, and I’m not sure I have the pics on my laptop. Ill check tonight, if not ill get them to you next week!

        1. I’m not home for the weekend, and I’m not sure I have the pics on my laptop. Ill check tonight, if not ill get them to you next week!

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