Saturday night, Hanson took their Shout It Out tour to the Dome at the Oakdale Theater.  The Dome is the lobby of the theater and was general admission.  The stage was near the stairs to the balcony.  Capacity for the lobby is something like 2,000 and I’d say that it was about 50% full!

Once again, Jarrod Gorbel was the opener.  Although he did minimal talking to the crowd, I think the only time he talked was to say his name.  I don’t know if he got backlash from people for picking on people in the crowd or if since there was a curfew in place they told him to cut back on his talking.  Either way, he still did not go over very well with the crowd as I was getting messages asking me how many more songs he had to go. (I think he does about 9, which is about 8 too many)

Rather quickly after Jarrod left the stage set lists were taped down and Hanson took the stage shortly after.  As usual, they started off with the Waiting For This Medley, but they then went in to Where’s The Love.  At this point I thought they were cutting songs and we’d get a short set due to the curfew, but after a few more songs I realized that they were just really mixing things up for us!  They threw in Been There Before and Save Me, which are rare occurrences on this tour.  They also did Song To Sing during the acoustic set (which had Christine and I placing bets on whether it was Song to Sing or Me Myself and I.  I lost the bet lol)  Unfortunately though they did not do the extra verse that they used to throw in when they did it live.

When they went back to electric they started with Penny and Me, which they had done acoustically the night before.  It is nice how a good majority of their songs can sound great both electric and acoustic and they have a lot of options for their short acoustic set.  Crazy Beautiful also snuck its way into the set which I hadn’t heard in a while and they added Let’s Get It On during the break in If Only.  I think this is the first time they’ve done that at a show I was at this tour – it is nice that it is not something they do every night because it makes it that much more special when they do.

For the encore, we got 2 christmas songs – Merry Christmas Baby and Run Rudolph Run.  I was hoping for an Everybody Knows the Claus – which they had done live before but never at a show I was at. (Darn)

Taylor also had a camera with him on stage – he took some photos of the crowd when they first came out and then went all paparazzi on Zac when he was singing And I Waited!

We also thought we would be free from Taylor telling us to jump, but during In The City he came around to our side of the stage and of course, pointed and motioned for us to jump…

With the curfew and the show ending before 11, we were able to head over to Sonic for a late dinner.  The orange creamslush I got was really good – once it melted enough for me to be able to drink it through the straw!

I am now covered in bruises from the barricades and feel like I’ve been hit by a truck – but it was certainly all worth it!



Waiting For This Medley
Where’s The Love
And I Waited
Been There Before
Save Me
Carry You There
Strong Enough To Break
This Time Around
Song To Sing
Penny and Me
Voice In The Chorus
Minute Without You
Thinking Bout Something
Crazy Beautiful
Oh Darling
Give A Little
If Only / Let’s Get It On
Merry Christmas Baby
Run Rudolph Run

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