Saturday night, Jason and Michael of Honor Society performed at the Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, NY for a Clarkstown Summer Theater Festival Fundraiser.  Jason had been a member of the group when he was younger and his father is still involved with the program.

We were not really sure what to expect, especially since half of the group would not be present.  However, I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the program.

It was a bit like VH1 storytellers, and Mike and Jay told about their early bands, how they formed a band together after Mike’s first band of 8 years had disbanded and how that band evolved into the Honor Society that we know of today.  In between their chatting, they would play songs from that “era” which was really cool as many of them I had not heard before and a few I have not heard in a couple of years.  They even threw in a few very very new songs – some of which were not even finished yet!

In between they answered questions – when asked who he would love to perform with, living or dead, Mike said he was good with being on stage with Jason! So cute! Jason said he likes performing with Mike but would like to perform with John Lennon too and maybe they could perform as a trio.  When Jason said the animal he would most like to be was a squirrel, they broke out into “Idiot Squirrel”, a song it seemed they had just made up on the spot!

They played and answered questions for about an hour and a half, which was a lot longer than I was expecting, but it was definitely most appreciated.  After the show we got to meet Mike and Jason as well as Just Kait who opened the show with a short 4 song set.

After the show we went to eat with some of our friends at a restaurant that we be donating part of the check to the CSTF, which was really cool. The manager came by to thank us for eating there and said they’d probably end up donating about $500.

The ridiculously long set list is under the cut! (Although I do not know the names of all of the songs that they did!) And for photos and video check out

One of a Kind

Two Rebels
Break Up Break Down
Cold Spell
Kiss Me Like You Mean It
No Win Situation
Heartache in the Suburbs
New Song (Back To You?)
New Song
See U In The Dark
The Takeover
Idiot Squirrel
The Takeover
This Bed Is An Ocean
Let Me Love You (Cover)
Over You
New Song (Deeper)
Here Comes Trouble

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