Make It Out Alive – Members Only Event 2010

AKA… “I spent $350 to fly to Tulsa for ‘Thriller’ and all I got was Ghostbusters”

jkjk.  Although, I did really want them to play Thriller!

This years Halloween was probably one of my more eventful ones.  I left the house at 4:30am thinking I was running a bit late.  Got to the parking lot at 5:30 and was shuttled to the airport. I was through security in no time and ended up with an hour to kill.  My first flight was from Hartford to Atlanta.  Then I took their underground train over a concourse and waited to board to OKC. I pretty much slept the entire flight both times.

Keena picked me up and we met up with Becky for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and then made our way to Tulsa.  We got there around 5:30 and were going to go to Hanson’s office (across the street) for pictures but after Keena and Becky parked the car the line had kind of formed around me so we stayed in it. 

At 6pm we had our photos taken for the costume contest and were checked in for the event – but we couldn’t go inside until 8!  Once we were let in, Keena and Becky went ahead and saved me a spot while I slowly made my way inside.  I was in the front row by a speaker in front of Taylor so I could lean on the speaker.  I actually ended up sitting on the stage for quite a bit while we waited for something to happen!

Then finally, Zac came on stage to emcee the costume contest. He told us he wasn’t yet in costume and that he wasn’t Joe Jonas… because the costumes they were wearing were going to match, so he didn’t want to give anything away coming out in costume before the other 2 would be on the stage.  He also said he felt like a standup comedian but it was ok because we laugh at anything he says.  The finalists for the costume content came on stage and we were told how we could vote for the winners.  Via their website via cellphone but of course my phone died before we got inside so no voting for me!

Then it took forever to set up for the show.  I saw them bring out a huge lyric sheet and was able to make out that it said “Ghostbusters” and ruined the surprise for everyone around me!  Then setlists were put down and I was so bummed – no THRILLER!!!! But at least I did get 1 new cover song added to my list – and probably not one they’ll be doing again on tour. (EDIT: just got word after I had written this that they played it at the Dallas show. There goes my theory lol)

Isaac and Taylor came on stage as 2 of the 3 musketeers and then Zac came on stage – as a 3 musketeers candy bar (with a sword).  They said there was probably a short list of drummers who had drummed dressed as a candy bar.  Zac mentioned something about the Rock N Roll hall of fame and they said there would be a special place for him in the Mars Bars Hall of Fame.  (It was kind of hard to hear them when they talked)  There was also a lot of inappropriate talk about “swords”

After the short set, it was time for a Q&A; where nothing new was asked! (Although the girls dressed as Ghostbusters did ask if someone called them which was cute)  Listen to the reporter interviews on HNet people! Everything that was asked was pretty much answered in the reporter interviews.

Then we were told there was no time for group pics, but we did get a signed photo on the way out.  I picked up a glow in the dark event tshirt and passed on the poster and the 5 of 5 shirts. (I wanted all 5 and couldn’t justify buying 5 Vneck shirts that are black (which i therefore never end up wearing) that said Hanson on them – so since I couldn’t decide on 1 I was getting none)

Then we had an exciting trip to QuikTrip and it was back to OKC to sleep – Keena tells me I fell asleep really fast.  It was about 4am my time at that point – so it made sense I was out haha

This morning we got Taco Bueno for lunch so I could try their tacos (they were good – but I still prefer Taco Bell – which is good considering that is all we have up here!) and then I was off to the airport.

Had another layover in Atlanta, this time had to go 2 concourses over and then finally got back to Hartford.  When I got in my car the tire pressure light was on but I managed to make it home without any problems and now I have that to take care of!

I may or may not post photos later… I’m not sure what I have.

Make It Out Alive
And I Waited
You Never Know
This Time Around
Dancing In The Wind
Hand in Hand
Voice In The Chorus
Something Going Round
Ugly Truth
Thinking Bout Somethin
Can’t Stop
In The City

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