November 13, 2010

New widgets!

I added a couple of new widgets to the site. Mostly because I was bored and looking for something to do instead of sleep…

1. I added my word count widget from NaNoWriMo.  If you are participating too feel free to email me and harass me that I am behind.  I’m only about a day and a little bit behind (for now) but with all my Hanson coming up in the next week… Let’s just say it would be in my best interest to lock myself in my bedroom and do nothing but write tomorrow night.

2. I added a “share this” widget.  So if you see something you like you can mouse over and then share it with your friends on facebook or twitter or whatever other social networking site you’d like. I was kind of hoping it would look a bit cooler than just the “Share This” button so there might be a transformation of what it actually looks like over the next few days when I decide to play with that instead of write for Nano!

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