Concert #200 – October 30, 2010 – Tyler Hilton&Josiah Leming

Show #200 started off with a scream from Clay Garner that was so loud (and unexpected) it made Jessa jump!  He was young – 16 – and said Tyler and Josiah were his Idols, which I thought was kind of funny.  Also funny was when he encouraged us to stay for Tyler and Josiah.  That was the plan!  At the end of his 5 song set a dude yelled “You’re CUTE!” Which was definitely a highlight.  His set was good but he lost me on his last song – a cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'”

After a short break it was time for Dion Roy.  His guitar had a crazy glare going on from the lights which blinded Jessa and I at times.  He mentioned his songs have been featured on Road Rules, Bad Girls Club and The Kardashians, none of which I ever watch – but good for him!  His set was 6 songs and started out a little rough, but he quickly found his groove.  He also commented that he was from NY and was looking forward to sleeping his his own bed that night – adding that it wasn’t that Josiah and Tyler weren’t great, which led to his backup guitarist Pete (?) asking if he had been sharing a bed with them.  I thought it was funny.  Maybe you had to be there.  The kid next to me had ants in his pants which felt the need to pick up during this set and I felt it worth noting.  At times I felt like I was on a boat and it was incredibly distracting…

Another break and it was time for Josiah.  Josiah was a contestant on Idol season 7 (Cook’s year) and I could not stand him.  He got cut and appeared on Ellen and I probably vowed to never see him live – but I was there for Tyler and suffering through him was a price I was going to have to pay.  Admittedly, he was not as bad as I had thought – but he did have his screeching moments (and I thought Adam Lambert was bad…).  After 2 songs he asked if we were attached to our chairs and wanted everyone to stand up for him.  I politely declined.  For the song “Silly Fly” he was bouncing all over the stage and I am really not sure how he had so much energy and how he was able to keep it up for his entire set, but he did!

He told us the song “Lover” was written about a girl he met at a strip club and fell for and then he realized she was mean and it was her job to make him fall for him.  The next song “You, I Love” was written about a girlfriend who was plain.  He loved that bout her and she hated it.  His set was 10 songs.  He was backed by josh on bass, Steve on guitar and Tom on drums.  After his set the girls all went to meet him and came back giggling like school girls. Maybe he is charming? I don’t know, I didn’t bother to leave my seat.

They broke down Josiah’s keyboard and we waited for Tyler.  He came out alone and sang “When It Comes”, I was glad he started with something older I knew because I’ve been slacking in the Tyler fan department as of late! (But I will be correcting that very soon!)  The band (same as Josiah’s) joined him for Sunset Blvd and This World Will Turn Your Way and a cover of Missing You.  I don’t think I’d ever seen him with a full band before (although it’s been years so I really can’t remember) but Tyler can rock!

The band left again and Tyler started talking about the next song he’d sing and the girls behind me screamed out “ROLLIN HOME!” And he jokingly yelled at them for giving it away.  Next he was joined by a French fan now living locally for When The Stars Go Blue.  Judging by the screams this isn’t something he plays very often.  He did 4 more songs – one of which he wrote with Lady Antebellum.  I can’t remember which it was now, but I really liked it! Then he left but the house lights didn’t go on and a chant of “Tyler, Tyler” began.  He came back out and said he was heading to merch and asked what we wanted to hear – tons of songs were screamed out and he went with Stay.

The merch area was a nightmare so we decided to skip hanging around for pics and just headed out (similar story to concert #100 – minus having a train to catch).  Tyler has grown tons musically since I last same him – definitely catch him if you get the chance!

Photos to come soon..

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