I had won my way into the 96.5TIC Acoustic Cafe with Hanson which was on Saturday morning.  It took doing trivia every day and the finally getting enough points to win the auction at 12:13am on November 17th!  It was incredibly stressful but I am so glad that I ended up winning!

We were told to get there at 10:30, but ended up getting there at 10am instead, just to be on the safe side.  While we were in line it was mentioned that it was my 56th show, and TWICE it was mentioned by people that they didn’t even know Hanson has performed that many shows. HELLO? They have toured almost non stop for the past 13 years. What ROCK have you been living under Mr Promotions Man at TIC!?  (Oh, I know, one where they let you cut people in Jonas Brothers M&G; lines…)  This got me curious to see just how many shows Hanson has done. Counting official tours only – not radio promotions or anything like that – they’ve done: ~457. (count is give or take a couple because I am not a perfect counter when it comes to scrolling down websites)

We weren’t let in until after 10:30 and were told not to go to the stage because they were still setting it up.  The mics were all set up and it looked like the guys would be standing, so I was pretty excited because the stage was only a few inches high and no way would I be able to stand in front of it, so I would be in the back.  I had figured I’d be able to see over everyone’s heads.

WRONG.  Once Hanson’s bus arrived, they brought in stools for everyone and all the mics were lowered.  Then there was a bit of a rush towards the stage.  My friend Christine got right up in front and I realized pretty quickly I wasn’t going to be able to see a damn thing.  Every once in a while I’d catch a glimpse of one of the guys, though. But I could hear them loud and clear and they sounded great 🙂

They played 4 songs – Waiting For This, Thinking Bout Something, Give A Little and Penny and Me.  Then they said they’d be right back to take pictures with us.

At the other acoustic cafes I went to, we were always in the groups we came in (2) so we assumed the same thing would happen.  Except, TIC let in all the fans who showed up and hadn’t won (which was nice) but then allowed them to be in on the pictures too – so we had to have *6* people in our photos which I was not too pleased with – but I guess a group photo is better than no photo.

We ended up by Zac for the photo, which was a good thing because I might have thrown a fit if not 😉  We won’t get them for another couple of weeks though because they were taken by a professional photographer.  It took Hanson about all of 5 minutes to take photos with everyone (so it would have been what, 15 if everyone got pics in pairs? Cmon.)

We waited outside for them to leave and waved to them and then had to cross right by their bus to get to the doors to go back to where we had parked.  When we pulled out of the parking lot, there came their bus down the street so we got to follow it for a little bit which was incredibly exciting!

I had to opt out of heading to Oakdale for the walk because I was running on about 4 hours sleep and desperately needed to take a nap or there was NO way I’d be able to make it through the entire show that night!

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