October 7
Spend two weeks in nothing but a g-string for $2,000
Gain 50 soft pounds for $10,000

Gain 50 pounds

October 8
Body slam your grandmother wit no explanation for $10,000
Taste your own feces for $500

Body slam my grandmother.

October 9/10
Only be able to write by tattooing on yourself
Only be able to take pictures of your family and friends by scanning them directly into the computer?

Oh man this is a hard one because I like to write and photograph things… but I think I’ll go with only be able to take photos by scanning

October 11
Live in a world where people’s desired personal space is three inches
150 feet?

Wasn’t there one similar to this before? 150 feet.

October 12
Be proposed to in a robot imitation
written backwards in blood on the wall?

robot imitation.

October 13
have your dreams written and directed by ed wood
the creators of ‘desperate housewives’

Seriously, this has come up sooo many times with other directors. But I’ll go with Desperate Housewives

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