September 30
Be unable to distinguish between the phrases ‘i love you’ and ‘goodbye’
Your significant other and jim lehrer?

Unable to distinguish between i love you and goodbye.

October 1
Have a skin that tans upon hearing the voice of al gore
trade your life with jared from the subway commercials?

Skin that tans upon hearing the voice of al gore. I don’t want to be a “celebrity”

October 2/3
Have an afro that grows whenever you tell a lie
appear as abraham lincoln in all photographs?

Afro. I don’t tell lies! 😉

October 4
Have your dreams written and directed by Spike Lee
Stan Lee?

Stan Lee!

October 5
Fight to the death 1,000 sloths
80 penguins

Sloths. I think they would be easier to take.

October 6
Live in a world composed entirely of flannel
of wicker?


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