1. HURTS SO GOOD “When I was a young boy, Said put away those young boy ways
Now that I’m gettin’ older, so much older, I long for those young boy days”
What was the first “grown up” thing you did and when?

Getting a “real job” in ’07, I guess

2. JACK AND DIANE “Suckin’ on chili dog outside the Tastee Freeze
Diane’s sittin’ on Jacky’s lap, He’s got his hand between her knees”
What do YOU order at a Tastee Freeze/Dairy Queen kind of place?

Something involving either peanut butter or oreo cookies mixed in with vanilla ice cream

3. PINK HOUSES “There’s a black man with a black cat livin’ in a black neighborhood
He’s got an interstate runnin’ through his front yard, You know he thinks that he’s got it so good
And there’s a woman in the kitchen cleanin’ up the evenin’ slop, And he looks at her and says, “Hey darlin’, I can remember when you could stop a clock.”
What is YOUR favorite “evenin’ slop”?
Mac & Cheese

4. I NEED A LOVER “I need a lover that won’t drive me crazy, Some girl that knows the meaning of a
Hey hit the highway”…
What was the last thing a lover did that drove YOU crazy?
I don’t know

5. AIN’T EVEN DONE WITH THE NIGHT “Well I don’t know no good come-ons, And I don’t know no cool lines, I feel the heat of your frustration, I know it’s burnin you up deep down inside”
What is your best “pick up” line?
LOL I don’t think I have any pick up lines, let alone a best one.

6. CRUMBLIN DOWN “Saw my picture in the paper, Read the news around my face, And now some people don’t want to treat me the same”
Were you ever in the newspaper, on TV or the radio?
All 3.  I was in the paper a lot when I was a kid, on TV for that too and then in various shots from concerts (I don’t think I ever actually spoke on TV) and I’ve been on the radio for calling in and then in August when I went to see Hanson I was on the radio answering a question.

7. PAPER IN FIRE “Paper in fire, Stinkin’ up the ashtrays, Paper in fire, Smokin’ up the alleyways”
Have you ever smoked? What is your favorite smoking product. Cigar? Cigarette?
I have never smoked.

8. AUTHORITY SONG “Well, I fight authority, Authority always wins
Well, I’ve been doing it since I was a young kid, I come out grinnin’”
What is your favorite rule to disobey?
I’m not really one for breaking rules. I know, I’m so boring!

9. R.O.C.K. IN THE USA “Voices from nowhere, And voices from the larger towns, Filled our head full of dreams, Turned the world upside down”
Who was your first favorite rock n roll group or singer?
Hanson – first and still favorite.

10. SMALLTOWN “Well I was born in a small town, And I can breathe in a small town, Gonna die in a small town, Ah, that’s prob’ly where they’ll bury me”
What is the best part about living in a small town?
I guess technically I live in a small time and I HATE it. So I’m not sure exactly what the best thing would be. Everyone knows everyone’s business and it’s just ridiculous lol

11. CHERRY BOMB “That’s when a smoke was a smoke,
And groovin’ was groovin’, And dancin’ meant everything, We were young and we were improvin’, Laughin’, laughin’ with our friends”
When and where was the last dance you attended?
Junior Prom I don’t even remember where it was and it was in 2001 I think.

12. NO EXPRESSION “Yes, There’s a man that I know, With no expression, He’s got none at all”
What’s your favorite expression?
I’m not sure I have one. I told you, borrring.

13. CHECK IT OUT “A million young poets, Screamin’ out their words, Maybe someday, Those words will be heard, By future generations, Ridin’ on the highways that we built”
Do you have a favorite poem or at least a favorite poet?
Does Hanson count? I mean, technically, if you strip their songs of music and they just become words they are poems in a way, right?  Otherwise I am not one for poetry.

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