July 29
Eat as an ice-cream flavor: Salmon Sorbet
Dirty Coins and Cream

Dirty Coins and Cream. Only because dirty coins remind me of pressing pennies.

July 30
Have to share all tables at restaurants with loud unruly scotsmen
immediately become pregnant if someone speaks about the war of 1812?

Do people talk about the war of 1812 that often? I think becoming pregnant if someone does is the better option here.

July 31 / August 1
Have permanently Lathered Hair
Only be able to move around by moon walking?

moon walking! omg how fun would that be?

August 2
Be pumped with water until you burst
Be dehydrated to death by a giant version of those infomercial beef jerky making machines?

Water. I think.

August 3
Be stuck on a desert island with a barry manilow tape
a rubik’s cube?

Rubik’s cube. Maybe I could solve it. Or spend some time staring at it.

August 4
Eat a cube of dry ice
your own left foot?

Does dry ice even come in cubes? I’ll go with that, but I thought it was liquid? What do i know…

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