Would You Rather Wednesday

July 22
Be stuck on a desert island with socrates
Billy Crystal?

Billy Crystal. MIKE WASOWSKI.

July 23
Eat 200 slices of american cheese
2,000 raisins?


July 24/25
Fight three possessed lawn mowers
the characters from ‘spongebob squarepants’?

Sponge Bob. I think I can take them…

July 26
Eat a bowl of bat guano
a mug of hot tea prepared with 12 used wound dressings?

OMG barf.

July 27
Eat all food in liquid form
gaseous form?

Liquid. I don’t really know how I would eat gas?

July 28
Have porcelain skin (literally)
hair of gold (literally)

Hair of gold. I fall too much to have porcelain skin, I’d break all the time. And whenever I got a hair cut I could mail it in to cash for gold and make some $$$

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