John Mayer&Train 8/7/10 Setlists Hartford, CT

Posting last night’s setlists in case anyone is interested.  Photos and review coming *hopefully* tomorrow if I can get all my Hanson website stuff out of the way tonight 🙂

Train Setlist:
Get To Me
Meet Virginia
She’s On Fire
Cover Medley
If It’s Love
When I Look To The Sky
Calling All Angels
Save Me, San Francisco
Marry Me (On Lawn)
Hey Soul Sister
Drops of Jupiter

John’s Setlist (from jm’s website):
Chest Fever > Bigger Than My Body
No Such Thing
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Perfectly Lonely
Ain’t No Sunshine
Who Says
Waiting on the World to Change
Heartbreak Warfare
Do You Know Me
The Boys of Summer (w/Pat Monahan)
Half of My Heart

Edge of Desire

John Mayer Lounge 101

We were instructed to get to the venue at 4:15 and that our event would be starting at 4:30. I am not sure what time everything ended up going down, but we went and checked ourselves in and waited around a bit waiting to be let inside. We were informed that usually you aren’t allowed to take photos of his performance but today they were allowing it, but no video.

We were brought in and the group took up the 3rd and 4th rows of the venue. Somehow Christine and I managed to be dead center.  The band was there doing their soundcheck, but no John yet.

I spotted John on the stage and the crowd had NO reaction. David Ryan Harris was trying to get us to cheer, but there were no cheers. It was very weird and I didn’t want to be the only fool clapping and yelling lol

He sang 3 songs – Who Says, War Of My Life and Half of My Heart.  During one song (I think it was War Of My Life) he broke into ‘Life is a Highway’ which made Christine and I laugh because that was the last concert we had gone to together at this venue! I guess John was not as into it though because he started saying how he was usually better at picking songs and that whats done was done and he couldn’t go back and change it…

Then he said how he was kind of sad he was done because he didn’t want to leave the stage but he had to do a radio thing.  We were like umm we’re the radio thing? And then he told us that he was not high and that he’d see us at the “photo shoot”

We were taken into another “room” with a freaking 18 wheeler in it haha and were informed that we would be getting pics in groups of 8.  I strongly dislike group photos especially when it is probably the only time I will end up meeting someone, but I hoped we would be first so Christine and I could be on either side of him.  Which was exactly what happened!

I wore one of my first John Mayer shirts that I got in 2002 with his name in the back to the future font/style.  I walked up to him and he goes “That is my favorite shirt!” so I said “I loooove this shirt” and he was like “I designed it and then nobody bought it” I was like “I bought it!” and then it was time for the photo.  They took 2 (but only 1 ended up being posted so Im not sure what that was all about) and then Christine started talking to John and they were shoo-ing us out.  John was going on about how it would be Christine’s best year and really just kept going and going haha

There was also talk of John being excited for the show – after a nap and somehow it ended up that we said we’d nap in the car and he told us to never leave ourselves unattended in a car.

Then we were told since it ended so early we would have to go in the parking lot because we couldn’t be let inside yet.  We decided to go to McDonalds and by this point the lovely Hartford Police were directing traffic and one decided he didn’t like that we were turning even though it said handicapped was in the left lane and we almost got in an accident as a result of him ‘lecturing’ us or whatever it was he was doing.  We managed to eat for about half the price it would have cost to eat inside and listened to try and win Jonas Brothers tickets and M&Gs;!


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