Would You Rather Wednesday

August 19
Relax in a jaciuzzi of a stranger’s saliva
Have diarrhea in a gravity-free chamber?
Grossss I don’t even want to think about this one…
August 20
Fall asleep on a hot grill for a half hour
Have your tonsils vacuumed out?
Tonsils out. I think.
August 21/22
Have a detachable fu Manchu mustache boomerang
‘Thrusters” on the bottoms of your feet
Thrusters. I could fly that way…
August 23
Administer Tabasco sauce eye drops
vigorously rub a steak knife against your gums?
I can not handle eye drops in any capacity, so steak knife to the gums it is. (Good thing I am really not asked these things in real life…)
August 24
Blend your foot and imbibe the result
remove your nose with a toe nail clipper?
Blend my foot, I guess. I’ve caught skin with a nail clipper before and that hurts!
August 25
Take a power drill in the adam’s apple
fill your pants with raw meat and kick a pit bull in the side?
Drill to the adam’s apple. I do not like dogs, but I certainly would not kick them.

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