August 24, 2010

106.5 Mixfest featuring Hanson, Backstreet Boys, Train and more!

We got to Baltimore about 3pm, the show was set to start at 6.  We parked right near the buses and hung out near them for a little bit.  Around 4:15 Taylor came out and we got a photo with him.  I apparently missed Nick from Backstreet Boys running by (although it might have been better that I did miss him lol)  After we met Taylor, we headed over to the other pier to eat and go to the Hard Rock Cafe to pick up some bears. I was excited that they had the Mermaid bear!  I was told they were no longer selling that one.

When we got back to Pier 6, gates were open.  We went in and entered to win upgraded front row seats and then Maribeth played Plinko and won a T-Shirt. I opted to not play because I didn’t want to waste my luck on the front row to win a T-shirt.

At 6pm, VV Brown performed.  She did 6 songs.  Then they broke down her set and Angel Taylor came out and I believe she did 6 songs as well.  Next up was Serena Ryder and she also did about 6 songs. All 3 of the ladies were great, but I am always a little bit impatient and want Hanson to perform first haha

7:50 Hanson came out – the sun had just set (thank god – it was in a really bad spot blinding us for most of Serena Ryder’s set) and they also streamed their performance on the Mix 106.5 website and  They did 9 songs,
1. Waiting for This/Watch Over Me/Rock N Roll Razorblade/In The City medley
2. If Only
3. And I Waited
4. This Time Around
5. Penny & Me
6. Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’
7. MMMBop
8. Give A Little
9. Where’s The Love

The place went pretty crazy for MMMBop and the crowd seemed really receptive of them, which was nice 🙂

Backstreet Boys were up next – I still forget that Kevin left the group sometimes.  Their set was really short! They did
Everybody (Backstreets Back)
If I Knew Then What I Knew Now
Shape Of My Heart
Straight Through My Heart
I Want It That Way

And let me just say for someone who had a sore throat, I was screaming along a bit too much…

Next up was Train – we only ended up staying for 2 of their songs.  Then we went to check out the bus situation and saw AJ go by and then security tried to shoo all the BSB fans away, then Taylor came out and they all went running back.  It seemed like they might have been gearing up to leave, and there wasn’t room on the barricades so we decided to just leave.

“Just leave” meant an 18 point turn lol to back out of the spot our car ended up in! And then get $3 in quarters when we left the parking lot. (Where was this dude and his quarters when I needed them at the penny machine at the rest stop?)

I still haven’t gotten my photos on to the computer – Ive been sick since I got home so most of my time has been spent sleeping! I will try to get them up tonight or tomorrow and make a few photo posts!

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