Would You Rather Wednesday

August 6
Eat 75 lightning bugs
a live tarantula?

lightning bugs. I will never go near a tarantula no matter what the circumstances

August 7/8
Never be able to open your mouth when throwing up
have your nostrils and lips seal up when you sneeze?

Ew. Sealed nostrils and lips I think.

August 9
Remove your heart with a staple remover
Be unable to circumvent the ‘lather, rinse, repeat’ instructions on the back of shampoo bottles, perpetually shampooing yourself until you starve to death?

Shampoo.. I guess…

August 10
Fight to the death 50 remote control planes
1,000 hamsters?


August 11
Have your nipples gnawed off by a swarm of fire ants
sit on an umbrella and then open it?

Again with the nipples.. I’m going with the umbrella, ella, ella, eh

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