At 10am Gates opened at New Britain Stadium for the Road Dogs vs the ESPN GOATS.  Goats stood for “Greatest Of All Time” but I guess there were jokes that it could mean “Go Out And Tank.”  We snagged some seats over the home dugout (goats) and waited.  BP was set to start at 11:15 and as far as we knew the game was going to start at 12.

While ESPN was taking BP, Jonas arrived.  They came in from the back of the field and waved – and weren’t even in their uniforms yet!  Then there were announcements that the first pitch would not be until 1:15! It was a looong morning.

The Road Dogs came out for BP and everyone was pretty much constantly screaming for one of the brothers.  ESPN was getting upset and asked that we cheer a little for them as well because they were the home team! haha

I tried to take photos of each of the members of the teams names on the scoreboard to get some sort of lineup.  I think I failed but I will post what I have anyway.

ESPN Goats
Pod Vader 2B
Mo Davenport C
Nate Ravitz RCF
Jason Gilbert LF
Greg Collie SS
Matthew Berry P
Marcellus Wiley 1B
Keith Lipscomb LCF
Michael Yam SS
Michelle Beadle C
Michael Greenberg

Road Dogs
Tallie Brinson
Kevin Jonas P
Phil Mcintyre SS
Nick Jonas 3B
Mike Meehan
Matt Petroff 2B
Eddie De La Garza 1B
Joe Jonas RCF
Demian Arriaga RF
Michael Sarner
Jared Rosenberg LF

Road Dogs took an early lead, scoring 2 runs in the top of the first.  They scored a 3rd run in the 3rd (I think) and I was getting very sunburned and even with sunscreen on it didn’t seem like it was helping, so I left after the 4th and went to the car for a nap. Not sure how much worse I would have ended up if I stayed out there another hour! (And if the game started at noon like scheduled, I’d have made it through the whole game)

Road Dogs ended up winning 3-0.  Kevin pitched a shut out!

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