The Hanson Brothers

I have done a lot of dumb things. Especially if it is to see/meet one of the guys from a band or a TV show that I like.  However, I am pretty sure today was THE dumbest thing I have ever done. Really.

A couple weeks ago it was announced that David Henrie of Wizards of Waverly place would be playing in the Whalers/Bruins Alumni/Celebrity game at Hockey Fest. I LOVE David Henrie.  Actually, I don’t.  I love Justin Russo, which is David’s character on Wizards. If he was real, I would do whatever I could to marry him.  He is smart, good looking and most importantly, a Mets fan!

The Hanson Brothers

My friend Christine and I decided we had to go see him and possibly find him to meet him as well. (Plus, we also love the Whaler’s mascot, Pucky. He is so cute!) We didn’t have any tickets but this afternoon we decided… what the heck, we would try to get relatively cheap seats to make sure we were inside the venue and that way if there was any way to meet David, we would be able to figure it out once inside.

All the players after the game

This all seems normal enough, right?  Well, for any of you who don’t live in the north east – today was probably THE windiest day… ever!  My car said it was 33 degrees outside when I was driving up to Christine’s house – and when I got out of the car the wind practically sent me flying! Not to mention, it made everything a whole lot colder!

We bundled up, got in the car and headed to “The Rent” where the game was being held. Outside.

I recognized this celeb player from Desperate Housewives

And then.. they announced the team. And they said David’s name. But we never saw him? We could not find him on the ice or the bench the entire game. We don’t think he was there.  I have gone through all of my photos and I have found all the other celebrities on the lineup in the game or on the bench or leaving the ice. But NO David.  We were tweeting him a bit (but only a bit – WAY too cold to take our gloves off to tweet!) hoping he would let us know if he was even THERE… but nothing.

The Bruins team during player announcements

After the celebrity/alumni game, there was a CT Whale vs Providence Bruins game. However, once the sun went down the temperature dropped dramatically and we knew we would be frozen solid if we sat out there for another couple of hours. So we left.

Players leaving the ice after the first period

I really don’t know if we are EVER going to thaw out from this afternoon!!

The game ended in a 4-4 tie.  And The Hanson Brothers were there! No, not *my* Hanson.. but *the* Hanson Brothers.  I always remember back in 1997 Hanson used to have to specify that they were not the hockey brothers and whenever I searched for Hanson items on ebay The Hanson Brothers and SlapShot items would show up, so it was kind of funny to get to see them. Although, I am sure I would have enjoyed their antics more if my teeth were not chattering.

But there you have it – what has to be the dumbest thing I have ever done!

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