Friday night, the New York Mets in partnership with Wise potato chips had the “Big City Crunch”, an effort to create the largest crunch ever and break a Guinness world record. Upon entering the stadium, game go-ers were given a bag of Wise potato chips. The chips had a sticker on them saying not to open them until the middle of the 2nd inning, when the attempt to break the record would be.

Apparently there was a “audible” crunch throughout the stadium, but I didn’t even hear the chip in my mouth crunch, to be quite honest. There were people from Guiness on hand to make sure the record was broken. Also on hand was the Wise Owl who helped Mr Met toss t-shirts to the crowd.

The record was broken with 39,203 fans participating in the crunch. I’ve been trying to find what the old record was, but without any luck. Was there even such a record?

Under the cut is the bag – made especially for the met game featuring Jose Reyes, who wasn’t even at the game to cheer us on (but did tell us when to crunch in a pre-recorded clip) as well as the seal warning us to wait to open the bag.

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