I spilled the beans in the comments a couple of posts down – but for those of you who haven’t seen the comments – yes I am meeting John Mayer on Saturday!

96.5 TIC was doing an Acoustic Cafe with him and I was listening and trying so hard to win.  Then I went to KC101’s website and saw that they were doing a Lounge 101 with him.  There is a contests page on KC101s website that either no one enters on, or they REALLY like my username, because I tend to win 90% of the items I enter for on that page.  Over the weekend I entered I believe 2 contests they had on there for Lounge 101 and concert tickets to his show (even though I already have 7th row)

On Monday, KC101s facebook said to hurry and get entries in because they were picking winners that day.  I wasn’t sure if they would call them that day, but I kind of forgot about it after that.

Tuesday at just about noon the phone rang.  For some reason – I knew exactly what the call was just by looking at the caller ID. (A random number that was not in my phone)  It was one of the guys from KC101.  He first said I won tickets to the Mayer show. I was like.. yeah.. ok.. because I knew all the Lounge 101 contests were tickets to the show (which I didn’t care about) and tickets into the Lounge 101.  THEN he said I also won my way into the private intimate performance with John!  I don’t know HOW, but I contained my excitement on the phone.

I went to the radio station to pick up everything – I wasn’t sure if we’d be meeting John at first and didn’t want to get my hopes up – but the form with my top secret show info says that Mayer’s photographer will take our picture with John.

I could not be more excited and I keep trying to forget about it because I don’t want to hype it up so much that when I am in front of him I won’t speak (although that will probably happen anyway!) but I had to share the good news 🙂

Lounge 101 will be my 8th Mayer concert (he is scheduled to perform 3 songs) and then the show later that night will be #9.  Which is kind of pathetic numbers considering my first show of his was in 2002, but that’s ok.

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