Thursday morning at 7am I got a call from my friend Maribeth exclaiming ‘I WON!’  We had been trying to tickets to a special event that Q92.9 in Pittsburgh would be doing with Hanson and she managed to get through. (I was not up early enough to even attempt to win)  The only downside was that we’d have to get to the “secret location” at 6am and Maribeth’s house is about ohhh 3 hours away.  So we were faced with the decision to get up at 2am and drive there, or get a hotel for the night and drive there Thursday night after I arrived in PA.  We opted for the latter.

Due to construction we got to the hotel about 1am and set our alarms for sometime in the 4am hour. (Ew!) We left at about 5 and headed to the “Secret Location” which was the Carnegie Science Center. We waited around and we saw people were being let in so we went in.  It was a little like ‘night at the museum’ since the place wasn’t going to open until around 10am.

We went up a ramp and saw that the Q92 morning show had their stuff set up to broadcast live from the location.  Then we were told that they were filming a music video doing Hanson’s Thinking Bout Somethin dance and that 2 shots (out of millions) would be with the band.

I opted out of dancing as I didn’t want to break my leg… and was sitting off to the side watching stuff being shot and then ended up being told to go downstairs to be on the air.  I was asked if I would rather lose 10 pounds or “get busy”.  Funny that I get a would you rather question… haha. Also glad I was so far away from home that no one would hear me!

Then we hung around downstairs and were playing with a fountain for a little bit and at 8 Hanson came.  The radio interviewed them and Zac got in a couple of zings at Taylor – he seemed to be in a playful mood.  Then Hanson got set up to perform and did a soundcheck of Thinking Bout Somethin.  Then they did it for real on the air.  While there was some downtime, they played around singing Shake A Tailfeather and then they went back on the air to sing Waiting For This.

They ended up going into another rendition of Shake A Tailfeather, but Taylor accidentally hit the drum button on the keyboard which turned into a crazy song about Science and the fountain that we had been playing with earlier! (Isaac tried to play with it, but it was already turned off so it didnt really work lol)

Then they played Thinking Bout Somethin 2 times for us for the video with the dancers. Kind of sick of that song… hahaha

After they did group photos and I got near Zac for ours. Maribeth got the photos on her camera so I am waiting for her to get them uploaded 🙂 (I dont have a memory card reader with me so I won’t have any of my own photos up until Monday at the earliest!)

Then they were wandering around and signing and we got Zac and then Taylor to sign our stuff, but Isaac had already gotten dragged away. Kind of bummed we couldn’t get all 3 when we weren’t sure when we’d have the chance to get Isaac’s signature, but they had to go do a TV interview.

The performance became my 50th Hanson concert (By (my) definition if they do at least 1 song it would count – but I was debating calling it 49 and a half if they only did Thinking Bout Somethin.  The science song was so ridiculous that I decided to go ahead and call it #50, and they did other songs as well so i didn’t want to ‘cheat’ on my count haha)

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