Before heading to the venue, we went to Station Square in Pittsburgh to the Hard Rock Cafe and to check things out. We had planned on getting to the venue a little late since it was seated and we could! Parking was a MESS.  Basically it was all on the street and the area was very hilly (which I am convinced that all of Pittsburgh is since people live in the side of the mountain it seems…)

We had thought we had 5th row but was surprised to see that it was actually 3rd row, right on the aisle.  I made my way in when Rooney was in the middle of their set – I know they performed Blueside, I can’t get enough and Shakin. I think I might have seen 1 or 2 other songs as well.  I had intended to go meet them after their set, but I had been feeling kind of funny all day and was so hot that I decided to just sit and get some “rest” in while I could.

Hanson seemed to come on to the stage relatively quickly, which was surprising. I think they came out at about 9:45.  I really had just one song I wanted to hear for the night (I like to get 1-2 songs in the setlist I had never heard live before, but since going to 5 of 5 and hearing all their album stuff it is becoming much harder for that to happen) which was Dancing In The Streets.  When we got through the first part of the set and the acoustic set and then they ended up singing “Hold On Im Coming” I thought we were doomed, but they did end up singing it!!

Some other highlights included – Taylor seemed like he was going to slip whenever he was on the actual stage and not the carpet under his piano.  One time I swear that he grabbed on the mic stand to catch himself.  They did “Change In My Life” completely acapella with no mics or anything since the venue was built for music and had great acoustics. It was amazing how quiet the crowd got and it was a very moving performance.  They also did “Save Me” which I think I had only heard two other times, so that was a nice surprise.  Taylor from Rooney came out and played for Oh Darling with them, and Zac said he was the evil Taylor, then Taylor (Hanson) said he thought that was him so Zac said Taylor (Rooney) was the good Taylor and then said that he was really confused.

The guys were all covered in sweat after the show, as was pretty much everyone in the audience.  The AC was definitely ON in the place but for some reason it was not really effective at all. (I was sweating like crazy from the moment I stepped into the seated area)

They had more merch available than at my last shows – so I was able to get the green camera shirt that I wanted so badly to get in MA.  They were sold out of the crazy bands though.

Of course the place had no problems with cameras, after I had made the decision to only bring my smaller camera for the trip.  Same thing happened in NJ, stupid wishy washy camera policy… but at least I did get some photos, which of course not being posted until Monday at the earliest.

Under the cut is the setlist for the evening!

1. Waiting for This/Watch Over Me/Rock N Roll Razorblade/In The City medley
2. Make It Out Alive
3. If Only
4. And I Waited
5. A Minute Without You
6. Penny and Me
7. Thinking of You
8. Hey
9. Carry You There

10. Madeline
11. Every Word I say
12. Change in My Life (acapella, no mics)

13. Save Me
14. Been There Before
15. Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’
16. Hold On I’m Comin’
17. Where’s The Love
18. This Time Around
19. Voice in The Chorus
20. Oh! Darlin’
21. MMMBop
22. Give A Little
23. Dancin’ in the Street

24. Lost Without Each Other

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