Wednesday Christine, Lauren and I went up to the casino to see a Battle of the Bands because Joey Fatone of NSYNC would be guest judging.

We got there early and gambled a bit before grabbing a pizza at Pepe’s Pizza.  Then we went up to the roof where the battle would be going on to see what it looked like.  We found the judges table and saw the stage – which had nothing set up on it.

A little before 7:30 (when the battle was set to begin) I saw a door open and Joey and a woman walked out! He went up to the table and then a woman called him down to take photos with her daughters. We went over and got photos with him.

I gushed that he was my favorite and he said “aww thank you!” and one of the handlers or guys running the event was like “Do you want a picture of Joey?” um, I just said he was my favorite of COURSE I do! So Joey took it and signed it and then Lauren and Christine got signed pics as well.

Then they announced that one of the bands in the battle wasn’t going to be there so it was only going to be one band… and it was Gone By Daylight who we had seen open for Lifehouse, so being that our mission was accomplished in meeting Joey (!!!) we decided to go gamble some more and I ended up leaving with $20 more than I started with!


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