Sorry for missing the last week or so but I was really busy as you can probably tell!  I will catch up on everything now 🙂

April 22
Have no hair on your face and head where you are supposed to have hair, and hair on your face where you are not supposed to have hair
have hundreds of thumbs protruding from your torso?

Hair I guess.  I could always rock a strange combover or shave it all and just be bald.

April 23
Be made of lego blocks that could be rearranged
be made of stretch armstrong material?

Stretch Armstrong! Oh that would be fun…

April 24/25
Lie down naked on a benihana table
Have your mouth stretched around the part of a lawnmower where the grass spits out while it mows high grass?

Ewww! Grass I guess, but I’m not too thrilled with either!

April 26
Never be able to use shoes
any very other than destroy

My shoes are very important.  So DESTROY everything, it is.

April 27
Never be able to wear underwear
wear only green lantern underoos?

Underoos are awesome.

April 28
have anything you write vanish after 20 seconds
any words you say after the first 3 words in a sentence come out in aramaic?

Considering I think I am a writer – words vanishing would NOT be good.. so Aramaic it is…

April 29
Have the flexibility of one of those bendy toys
Have freckles on your body that shift to mimic the movement of the constellations?

OOOH constellations, for sure.

April 30
Have a purple cloud of dust appear when you flatulate
Make a foghorn sound when you pass gas?

Well, since girls don’t fart – either will do 😉

May 1/2
Have your nose located on your shoulder
On your knee.

Shoulder.  At the rate I fall down, my nose would always be bleeding if it was on my knee!

May 3
Everything you say be considered an insult
a come-on?

Everything I say SHOULD be considered an insult.  So let’s go with that.

May 4
Perpetually feel like you’re walking through cobwebs
Only be able to talk to others in your loudest yelling voice?

Well, cobwebs give me the willies – so as obnoxious as I would end up, loudest yelling voice will have to be my pick.

May 5
Emit steam from your ears when you’re angry, like a cartoon character
Give off visible fume lines when you smell bad?

Steam from my ears – then people would realize when they are pissing me off!


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