May 2, 2010

Jordin Sparks 5/1

Tonight Jordin Sparks played in the Wolf’s Den at Mohegan Sun to kick off her Battlefield Tour!  I had won through Mohegan Sun’s twitter an “All Access Pass” – which made the night amazing!

We got there early and sat down to play some slots.  When I put my card in, it told me I had a $15 slot bonus to play!  I played the first $5 and Lauren still hadn’t played her $5 so then I played a second $5 as well.  Then we decided we weren’t having any luck so we would go up to the hotel lobby where we were told to wait for more information on the meet and greet.

While we were waiting for 6:15 to roll around, we saw Jordin and her bodyguard and some of her staff walk by us!  Then we met up with Michelle, who had our GIANT passes for us.  First we stopped to see the line for her autograph singing and were informed we would have a private meet and greet and then we’d get to watch Jordin film a youtube video.

Michelle then escorted us to the backstage area of the wolf’s den which was SO cool.  We got to sneak a peak out from the stage and see what it would be like if we were the drummer. We hung around and waited for Jordin to come in.

We introduced ourselves to her and she congratulated us for winning the contest and said she used to try to win things all the time, but never did, so Lauren told her how I win everything and I explained that I don’t usually win money, just concert tickets and stuff like that.  She also said she liked my watch and she was SO nervous for the show!  We kept telling her she would be great and she said we better be singing along because she knew what we were wearing and would be looking for us!  We also took pics with her, a group one and then individual ones (which was her request, so cool) and she signed my CD and almost spelled my name wrong even though I spelled it for her LOL  I’m sure it had been a long day for her though!

Then we sat and watched them film the youtube video.  She actually mentioned us saying she had a couple fans with her now, but we don’t know what is going to make the final cut but I can’t wait to see!

Michelle has our M&G; pics and should get them to me by Monday so I will post them once I get them!  Then we got escorted out to our reserved seats, they weren’t really close, but they were not bad at all – not that the wolf’s den has a bad seat in the house anyway!  Then someone came and gave us 4 $10 drink tickets so we of course used those – first we had a Hansel & Gretel – soo good but strong haha and followed it up with a Willy Wonka which had coffee in the mix as well haha I don’t think I’ve ever had 2 drinks so close together in my life.

Jordin came out a little after 8 and played about an hour set.  Her band/backup/entourage was HUGE especially on such a small stage (3 backup singers and 4 members of the band) but the show was GREAT and you should definitely check it out if she is coming to your town – and chances are she IS because the tour got extended from 15 shows to 35 recently.  Also, she is the sweetest girl ever as well lol

Photos coming soon… setlist under the cut!

Watch You Go
Emergency 911
It Takes More
Don’t Let It Get To Your Head
One Step At A Time
Walking on Snow
No Parade
Young and In Love
No Air

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