I’ve often been warned that going to so many loud concerts is going to eventually mess with my hearing (and I think it already has). I am a lot more conscious of wearing earplugs, especially at shows where it is the CROWD that is loud. As of right now, I have only used the orange foam plugs, but I have been looking into getting a better pair.

One of the message boards I post at had a thread seeing how high of a frequency you could hear if you were over 25. It linked to THIS POST on noise addicts. So I went and I took the test and I can’t hear over the 17Hz link. Off course this test isn’t 100% accurate, but it is still pretty interesting.

The entry also linked to some ear plugs and upon some further research they seem like they are a pretty good pair to buy, and only $12. Once I get my next $5 gift card to Amazon from SWAGBUCKS, I will be picking myself up a pair. (And hopefully they will come in time for my crazy run of concerts from April 24 – May 2)

There was another post on the site which asked you to guess which sound was louder. In an effort to prove my hearing doesn’t totally suck, I took that one as well. (Can you hear which is louder?) and got 100% 🙂

Maybe my ears aren’t all that messed up after all, but I won’t be risking it by not bringing ear plugs to some of my louder shows (and I really should get in the habit to bringing them to ALL my shows – maybe that will start once I get the ER20s!)

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