Lots of exciting stuff seemed to happen today…

Christine managed to get herself, Lauren and I wristbands for the Honor Society signing in MA before the Boston show on May 2.  There was a bit of panic thinking she would only be able to get one, but she pulled through for us and now I don’t have to take a 5 hour round trip ride up there to try and get more bands so hooray for Christine! And now we all have a new Honor Society shirt! hahaha

Then on the way home from my cousin’s baby shower (also, very exciting) I found out that Hanson would be appearing on Letterman April 23rd.  They are taping it on Monday so I am going to see if I can head down to the city and maybe try stand by.  One of my life list items (a list that is still in my head – I really should work on getting it down on paper) is to see a band that I enjoy on a talk show.  When I went to the Today Show to see Honor Society we could kind of see them, but couldn’t hear them.  So I’m maybe 1/2 way there?  But seeing Hanson on Letterman would definitely lead to a cross-off!

Speaking of The Today Show – Hanson will also be appearing on that show April 26th.  After their interview they have invited fans to dance and go on a one-mile walk with them through NYC.  I am still not sure if I will be going or not, but if I do I certainly won’t be doing the walk.  It might be a cool experience to record all of the dancing, and I think they are going to be playing their new album as well – so we’ll see what happens there… depends on if I want to wake up early or not to get there and who of my friends will be there.

Still waiting for the announcement of Hanson tour dates (April 26), Jonas Brothers tour dates (end of month?) and MTV Buzzworthy has said they have something VERY exciting to announce about Honor Society… so this streak of exciting things seems like it will continue 🙂

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