I have the week off from work, so I am trying to get my room a little bit more organized with all the free time I have.

I wrote up a HUGE To-Do list.. in a perfect world, I’d get it all done – but I am lazy and despise cleaning my room. (Plus, it is just so HOT this week!) Therefore I probably won’t complete *everything* on the list – but I have made quite a dent in it so far!

One of the items on the list was to convert my photo CDs to DVDs. You might remember I got this cool “Lightscribe” feature with my DVD Burner. I decided to take my book of photo CDs (basically every digital photo I have ever taken is backed up to CDs and in an overflowing little leather booklet) and convert them to Liightscribe DVDs I recently bought.

I did some quick MB to GB conversions and decided that roughly 6 CDs would fit on a DVD. Then I realized back in 2005 I would put only ONE event on a CD. What a waste of space! My first DVD ended up holding *22* CDs! (Everything from 2005 and 2006)

I am in the middle of copying over CDs for Disc #2, I started taking a lot of videos in 2007, so I probably will need 2 DVDs for the whole year, but right now I have 14 CDs for the year – so it will still be quite a downsize.

Then I have to decide what to put on them with lightscribe! A list of what is on them? Fancy designs that have nothing to do with anything? I don’t know!! If I come up with anything cool and not just text, I will post it 🙂

If you are interested in the breakdown of my to do list and how many items I had on it, vs how many are left 4 days in to working on it, check that out under the cut 🙂 (And quite a few of the items on the list pertained to this blog and my website, but you probably won’t see all the work I have done for a while!)

Category 1 – “Room”
Started with: 9 items
Left: 7 items

Category 2 – “Computer”
Started with: 8 items
Left: 3 items (including the CD to DVDs which I am working on now)

Category 3 – “Websites”
Started with: 15 items
Left: 3 items

Category 4 – “Scrap”
Started with: 13 items
Left: 9 items

Category 5 – “Other”
Started with: 9 items
Left: 5 items

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