For as long as I could remember, it had always been said that my first Christmas tree, planted in the front yard, would be grown until it was big enough to be the tree at Rockefeller Center. My mom had even gone so far as to say that if we sold the house, it would be written in the contract that they couldn’t cut it down unless it was going to be THE Christmas tree.

As I got older, actually visiting the tree in Rockefeller Center, I realized that either we had a LOT of years to wait for it to be big enough, or it would just never grow big enough. But always in the back of my mind I had hoped it would happen, an item on my “Life List”

Yesterday, we had a really bad storm. About 3:30 we lost power and by 4:15 I was so completely bored that I decided to just go to bed. I was laying there for a minute when the whole house shook. My mom called up to make sure I was alright, for some reason she thought I had fallen. (Does the house really shake THAT much when I fall?) I told her no…

She looked outside and I hear.. “Katie’s tree fell” so I jump out of bed and look out the window and sure enough it is laying across the front yard. In its fall, it took down the wires attached to our house.

Then it was time for the real excitement, we had to call 911 and the Electric Company. A little while later a fire truck showed up. We sat outside waiting to see what would happen, all our neighbors were trapped as the street next to us has no outlet.

One of the firemen came and told me they were waiting for the electric company and they were backed up. I started documenting on my flip camera everything that was going on.

Eventually the firetruck left and a fire rescue truck was there. Later the fire rescue truck left and a cop car stayed there for the night. I went to bed just after the clocks changed to 3am, hoping that I wouldn’t sleep through the Electric Company coming so I could document that part of the story.

Unfortunately I woke up at 7:30 and looked out the window and the wires were fixed, so I missed it. I went back to sleep and later my mom told me they came at 6:30 to fix it and she decided not to wake me.

The next step is the get the wires hooked back up to our house and have the tree removed. I am still figuring out how to somehow get the tree to Rockefeller Center. It might not be the whole tree, but if I can get even just a tiny piece of it, I can still cross it off my list, right?


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