Wednesday January 21
We missed going to Half Moon Cay again. It’s a tender port so we’d have to take a ferry from our big boat to the island. Because the waves are so rough, it wouldn’t be safe for us to take the ferries over. We got $20 credited to our accounts.

Hanson did the walk on the boat. The other 3 girls stopped by for a bit, but I was in the room. So much for renting the wheelchair to do the walk! LOL

I ventured out by myself to see Tyrone Wells in the Criterion Lounge and the boat was REALLY rocking. I went back to the room for a hoodie and ran into Marisa. We went out to the Lido Deck and saw part of Green River Ordinance, had lunch, and then watched part of SK6ers set. It was FREEZING so I ran back to the room to put on jeans before heading to our 4th M&G.; (There were 6 and we made it to 4)

Afterwards we decided to get Ice Cream – and heard Cowboy Mouth announce Isaac, Taylor and Zac were coming on stage so we ran over to the Lido Stage and watched them jam while eating our ice cream. We ended up following Zac to the elevators, but he took the stairs while we waited.

We went to dinner and then the 4 of us went to spent the evening in the Criterion. First up was Michael Tolcher, Taylor joined him on stage. Then was David Ryan Harris, I really liked him, but I almost fell asleep during his set. No fault of his, I was just exhausted. And after him was Aslyn.

We were going to go rest up and then see Alternate Routes in the Promenade, but no one ended up getting back up! I hear we missed out on a GREAT jam that night!

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