Jonas Brothers 3d concert experience

Last night the jonas brothers 3d movie premiered so Lauren, my cousin and I went to see if any of our scenes from August were in it.

We had already heard from a couple of fans who had gone to the screening that at least a couple of songs were cut, but since we were filming for so long we were hopeful that something would be in there!

Our audience was small but incredibly obnoxious. During the scenes in between the concert clips, they would scream so many punchlines said by the brothers were lost because you couldn't hear the set up. A group also came down to the front to dance in the middle of the concert. Oh, to be a stupid careless teenager again.

Overall the 3d effects were awesome but I wish that so many songs were not cut out! (Fingers crossed they'll be on the dvd release) But I'd still much rather be at a real concert than see them on the big screen, even if I did have a better 'seat' for the show in the movie.
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