Matt Wertz 2/3/09

It’s nights like last night that make me question my sanity. Matt Wertz was coming to Hartford’s Webster Underground. He was previously scheduled to play the Webster main stage with Gavin DeGraw over the summer, but that had gotten canceled. When it was rescheduled, only Gavin came, not Matt. So it was kind of a big deal not to miss Matt again (as he doesn’t really come this way often) even though the weather had been predicted to be a blizzard.

Luckily, when I woke up on Tuesday the snow hadn’t started yet and the prediction changed to a dusting and 1-3 inches. I left my house around 4, even though doors weren’t set to open until 7pm. I was tempted to turn around when 2 streets up from my house I saw 2 cars stuck. The radio kept saying the road conditions were bad and that you shouldn’t leave the house unless you had to. But I HAD to. Webster wasn’t going to cancel this show and I wasn’t going to miss it. I made it to Jen’s a little after 5.

We got to the Underground about 7:15. There were 2 local bands on first. (someone i dont know) and Mike Falzone. Around 8:30 The Alternate Routes took the stage. It was quite a different setting than the Rock Boat and at one point I turned to Jen and said “The last time I heard this song, I was in shorts!” Which if you didn’t know it was just last month wouldn’t be that interesting.. but it was in January… on the Lido Deck.

Eric from the Alternate Routes also played in Matt Wertz’s band. We switched sides of the venue because of an obnoxious drunk couple.. but of course by the end of the show they were next to us again!

Like The Last Time
The Way I Feel
Keep Faith
Red Meets Blue
Under Summer Sun
Counting to 100
Someone Like You
Back In June
I Will Not Take My Love Away
The Day Forever Died
Everything’s Right
With You, Tonight
Over You

These might not be in order – my clever new trick is to record a short clip of each song rather than texting myself or writing down a set list. Except I never cleared out my memory cards from Rock Boat. So I didn’t have a lot of room. Shortly into Matt’s set I realized this and deleted some videos off the memory card (even though they haven’t been backed up yet – eeek) so when I transferred them into the computer, things might have gotten shaken up a bit. From what I can tell, it seems about right. (The video audio quality is TERRIBLE. Im shocked I managed to figure out all of the songs!)



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