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Throwback Thursday: SK6ers 4/6/07

Headliner: Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
Opener(s): Jon McLaughlin, Matt Wertz
Venue: The Avalon
Cost: $20

Satisfied Man
Flower In Rain
See You Later See You Soon
Pedal Steel
Anthem of our Discovery
Start the Day Early
Wagon Wheel
Uninspired Gambling
In Front of The World
Now I’m Not So Lost
Such a Way
Time of My Life
My Sweet Charade
Up on Cripple Creek


This concert was an amazing one.  We hadn’t really known who Matt Wertz was before this tour (though we saw / met him earlier in the day) and we certainly didn’t know who Jon McLaughlin was before this tour either – but immediately fell in love. (It helped we were front row and he was practically on top of us for his set lol)  It’s crazy how young everyone looks in these photos!  But if there were ever another tour consisting of Matt Wertz / Jon McLaughlin / Stephen Kellogg I would be there with bells on!

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Throwback Thursday: Matt Wertz 4/6/07

Headliner: Matt Wertz
Opener(s): N/A
Venue: Borders Books Boston MA
Cost: $0

The Way I Feel
Red Meets Blue
Like the Last Time


Matt Wertz was going to be opening up for SK6ers that evening, but was doing an instore performance at Borders Books in Boston so we headed to the city early to check it out.  I had heard a bit of Matt in Jen’s car because she had been playing him since she found out that he’d be opening.  I bought his CD and got a photo with him and have now seen him a handful more times since!

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Jamaica Trip: Matt & Paul Concert

Night 3 we got a break from Hanson (although Zac did have his solo show earlier in the day) and got to see performances from Matt Wertz and Paul McDonald.  I was super excited for this night because Matt and Paul are two guys I would absolutely go see (and have seen) if they were doing a show in Connecticut.  Maribeth wasn’t sure if she would like Matt, I told her she would and she said he reminded her of early Mayer. (a major compliment in our world)  Matt was up first and played about an hour.  Paul was up second and played a little under an hour.  Isaac was on hand to introduce both acts but unfortunately did not perform with either as I was hoping he would! (Last year he did a couple songs with Rob)  It was two solid sets and Paul got a lot of brownie points for throwing in MMMBop and Penny and Me in his encore!

Feels So Right
Cant Help The Way I Feel
Everything will be Alright
Get To You
What I Know Right  Now
WIll Not Take My Love Away
Someone Like You
Whenever You Love Somebody
Running Back To You
Everythings Right

Four Fifteen
American Dreams
Few and Far Between
Dream Alone
Please Believe Me
Still Fallin In Love
Sing Out
No Stops to Abeline
Atlantic City (Bruce Cover)
No Woman No Cry / Every Little Things Gonna Be Alright / MMMBop / Penny and Me

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Matt Wertz at Stage One

Thursday night Matt Wertz came to StageOne in Fairfield. Yes, my favorite venue!

Opening was Jeff LeBlanc.  There are some openers that I see often and just dread when their name is on the list of openers. But not Jeff! I’m always looking forward to seeing him.  He did a couple of new songs from his album which is out in July and I loved both, so I guess I’ll have to buy that when it comes out!  Jeff is just so entertaining and I love when he uses the pedals to loop stuff. (Yeah, I got technical. Stuff.)  It was a shame that only a handful of people had made it in to the seating area before his show because they really missed out on great set!

Next up was Seth Philpott and he was entertaining as well.  I liked when he asked if he could tell us a story but then said he had the mic. I guess that meant we were going to be hearing it either way 😉  He is living in Nashville and actually made it on the show for a brief second – but apparently his back side made it on the screen for a bit longer.

Then it was time for Matt.  When I arrived I was told that Matt had planned to do a 90 minute set and an encore. Oh boy!  The time just FLEW by though and Matt had us all cracking up at times.  He sang a little Michael Bolton and then said “and he probably has a house here” only to be told, yes, he does.  And then Bolton impression somehow then turned into a hilarious Michael MacDonald / Billy Ocean mashup impression?  He also had us sing “I can’t help the way I feel” which was his second song – and he said that we’d be there until he was satisfied with our singing.  Well, we seemed to blow him away with our first attempt so then he had us do it again just to try and break our personal best record!  He also debuted a couple of new songs for us – songs that he isn’t sure if they should be on the new record or not.  He told us to clap if we liked it and if we didn’t like it then we should not clap, but not boo because he is sensitive.  The second song there were some technical difficulties with the guitar, so he unplugged it, told us to be quiet and came to the edge of the stage and sang it with no mic and completely unplugged so that the crew at the venue could fix things.  When it was over and we clapped, he asked us if that was because he overcame the technical difficulties or if it was because we liked the song.

Overall, one of the more entertaining shows I have been to in a long time!

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Matt Wertz 2/3/09

It’s nights like last night that make me question my sanity. Matt Wertz was coming to Hartford’s Webster Underground. He was previously scheduled to play the Webster main stage with Gavin DeGraw over the summer, but that had gotten canceled. When it was rescheduled, only Gavin came, not Matt. So it was kind of a big deal not to miss Matt again (as he doesn’t really come this way often) even though the weather had been predicted to be a blizzard.

Luckily, when I woke up on Tuesday the snow hadn’t started yet and the prediction changed to a dusting and 1-3 inches. I left my house around 4, even though doors weren’t set to open until 7pm. I was tempted to turn around when 2 streets up from my house I saw 2 cars stuck. The radio kept saying the road conditions were bad and that you shouldn’t leave the house unless you had to. But I HAD to. Webster wasn’t going to cancel this show and I wasn’t going to miss it. I made it to Jen’s a little after 5.

We got to the Underground about 7:15. There were 2 local bands on first. (someone i dont know) and Mike Falzone. Around 8:30 The Alternate Routes took the stage. It was quite a different setting than the Rock Boat and at one point I turned to Jen and said “The last time I heard this song, I was in shorts!” Which if you didn’t know it was just last month wouldn’t be that interesting.. but it was in January… on the Lido Deck.

Eric from the Alternate Routes also played in Matt Wertz’s band. We switched sides of the venue because of an obnoxious drunk couple.. but of course by the end of the show they were next to us again!

Photos and setlist under the cut!

Like The Last Time
The Way I Feel
Keep Faith
Red Meets Blue
Under Summer Sun
Counting to 100
Someone Like You
Back In June
I Will Not Take My Love Away
The Day Forever Died
Everything’s Right
With You, Tonight
Over You

These might not be in order – my clever new trick is to record a short clip of each song rather than texting myself or writing down a set list. Except I never cleared out my memory cards from Rock Boat. So I didn’t have a lot of room. Shortly into Matt’s set I realized this and deleted some videos off the memory card (even though they haven’t been backed up yet – eeek) so when I transferred them into the computer, things might have gotten shaken up a bit. From what I can tell, it seems about right. (The video audio quality is TERRIBLE. Im shocked I managed to figure out all of the songs!)

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