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More Rock Boat stuff will be posted soon – I am just getting all my videos uploaded to YouTube and trying to figure out what to share here!

For now, check out Real Magic TV’s live 24/7 feed – and if you’re a Jason Mraz fan, be sure to check in at 9pm EST where Jonathan and the crew will be showing never before seen Mraz videos, taking requests and waiting for SNL with musical guest Jason Mraz to air!!!

Back from the Rock Boat!

I am back from the rock boat! Although it seems like my head still think it’s on a boat… I hope that rocking sensation goes away soon! It was a blast and I have tons of photos and videos I haven’t even attempted to get on the computer yet (in fact, I haven’t even unpacked the cameras and memory cards yet!) But I will definitely be posting things throughout the upcoming days/weeks.

Here’s who I saw:
Sister Hazel (1/21 – couldn’t see, just listened)
Alternate Routes (1/19)
Aslyn (1/19, 1/21)
Carbon Leaf (1/19)
Cowboy Mouth (1/17, 1/21)
Gaelic Storm (1/19,1/20)
Green River Ordinance (1/17,1/20,1/21)
Hanson (1/18,1/20)
David Ryan Harris (1/21)
Scott Munns (1/17)
Curtis Peoples (1/20)
Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers (1/17,1/19,1/21)
Sam Thacker (1/19)
The Kin (1/18)
The Spring Standards (1/20)
Michael Tolcher (1/19, 1/21)
Francisco Vidal (1/19)
Tyrone Wells (1/21)
Wideawake (1/21 – couldn’t get in, just listened)

Here’s who I missed 🙁 :
Benjy Davis Project
Blackberry Smoke
Ken Block
Graham Colton
Trevor Hall
Ernie Halter
Garrison Star
Zac Brown Band

Overall, I think I did pretty good with seeing a majority of the bands. The first two days I napped a bit more than I probably should have (although, if I didn’t I might not have made it through the other days) but I think I did a darn good job at seeing a variety of artists – and trying to check out ones I hadn’t seen before.

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