I am back from the rock boat! Although it seems like my head still think it’s on a boat… I hope that rocking sensation goes away soon! It was a blast and I have tons of photos and videos I haven’t even attempted to get on the computer yet (in fact, I haven’t even unpacked the cameras and memory cards yet!) But I will definitely be posting things throughout the upcoming days/weeks.

Here’s who I saw:
Sister Hazel (1/21 – couldn’t see, just listened)
Alternate Routes (1/19)
Aslyn (1/19, 1/21)
Carbon Leaf (1/19)
Cowboy Mouth (1/17, 1/21)
Gaelic Storm (1/19,1/20)
Green River Ordinance (1/17,1/20,1/21)
Hanson (1/18,1/20)
David Ryan Harris (1/21)
Scott Munns (1/17)
Curtis Peoples (1/20)
Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers (1/17,1/19,1/21)
Sam Thacker (1/19)
The Kin (1/18)
The Spring Standards (1/20)
Michael Tolcher (1/19, 1/21)
Francisco Vidal (1/19)
Tyrone Wells (1/21)
Wideawake (1/21 – couldn’t get in, just listened)

Here’s who I missed 🙁 :
Benjy Davis Project
Blackberry Smoke
Ken Block
Graham Colton
Trevor Hall
Ernie Halter
Garrison Star
Zac Brown Band

Overall, I think I did pretty good with seeing a majority of the bands. The first two days I napped a bit more than I probably should have (although, if I didn’t I might not have made it through the other days) but I think I did a darn good job at seeing a variety of artists – and trying to check out ones I hadn’t seen before.

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