Nick Lachey 2-19-09

Yesterday I got a call from KC101 that I had won a meet and greet for me and a guest with Nick Lachey. Immediately I contacted my cousin, telling her she would be my guest.

We met at the station at 8:00, we were told to be there at 8:15. A couple other groups showed up and the secretary kept asking if Nick was coming in the lobby, and everyone said no he’d be in the side.

Except, they all lied because a few minutes later my cousin is poking me because Nick just walked in the door. (I was of course daydreaming and had no clue what was going on)

We got to go in a room to get our pic taken with him and quickly say hello. We went back into the lobby and were given sign 8x10s of him and that was that!

Pictures to come later because I had to go to work once all of that was done! (Although I only have the pic of me with him and one other that I took – everything was such a blur and went by so fast!)

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