Rock Boat&The Little Mermaid

There seemed to be a bit of a theme on the rock boat, at least for me. The first night, Kit of SK6ers fame, sang a piece of “Part of your World” during one of the songs. The next night, Isaac Hanson sang part of “Under The Sea” and during the meet and greet I got serenaded by Isaac and Taylor Hanson who sang “Kiss the Girl to me” Unfortunately I don’t have video of the meet and greet, but I do have some clips of Kit and Isaac!

SK6ers “Not So Lost”

Isaac Hanson “Under The Sea”
The steel drum is a keyboard effect done by their backup musician Demetrius (who totally rocks, by the way)

I uploaded a bunch of my videos, most of which without really looking at them to see if they were decent or not. But I tried to get at least one video of every artist I saw (each time I saw them) so a lot of the bands are represented – but the video quality varies. Between the wind at times, the boat rocking, the drunk people… it made it difficult, for me at least, to shoot a decent video 🙂

A day by day itinerary will be coming soon!

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