Music = Life

Hot Topic is once again selling items for their “Music = Life” Hot Topic Foundation. Several years ago, when the plastic bracelets were all the rage, for $1 I picked up a “Music = Life” bracelet. This time around they have a large and small bag, both priced at $1 as well as guitar picks ($.50), mints ($1) and kazoos ($1.50)

I just picked up myself a small “music = life” bag and 5 each of the guitar picks. 1 of each for a necklace I am making and the rest I might use as scrapbook embellishments since I mainly scrapbook concerts!

The shipping was a bit steep ($6.50 for $6 in merchandise!) but the rest of the $$ is going to a good cause and I rarely make it to my local mall, so I went for it. The Hot Topic foundation promotes education of the arts!

Head on over to to check out what is available!

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