Thursday January 22

When we woke up we were docked. We decided to get our stuff and leave about 9am. We took our luggage with us, went downstairs, went through customs (where I fell and everyone just looked at me) and then waited for a cab.

Michele, Marisa and I split a cab for like $25 – the shuttle was $16 so not a deal at all if you were with a group.

When I got to the airport I saw Maribeth so I sat with her at her gate until she left. David Ryan Harris was there and so was Ryan from Sister Hazel.

Then I went to my gate for an hour before getting on my flight. I landed at JFK around 3:15, waited until about 4 for my shuttle home, went by LaGuardia and Shea Stadium again (a lot more of it had been removed since last week when I went by!) and got home at 7pm.

Quite a long day, but I managed to sleep most of the plane ride. There was also a guy on the plane near me with a “I <3 Hanson" hat on that he had signed by the guys and they were asking me what I thought it would go for on ebay lol I will post pictures soon – I am currently checking out the status of the snow to see if it will interfere with me seeing Alternate Routes and Matt Wertz tonight!

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