Tuesday January 20
We were supposed to dock at Half Moon Cay this morning and Hanson was going to be holding a walk on the Island. However, when I woke up Maribeth was looking out the window and said “We’re still moving”

It was announced that due to the swells, we wouldn’t be able to port and we would try again tomorrow morning to visit Half Moon Cay.

I stayed in the room and watched part of the Inauguration while the others were sunning on the Lido Deck. Marisa came back and got me and we watched part of Obama’s speech on the HUGE screen on the Lido Deck (so surreal) and then grabbed some chairs. I ended up falling asleep and of course, getting sun burned.

I took a nap in the room and woke up VERY red. We went to dinner in the formal dining room again and then headed to the Palladium where Hanson would be playing later that night. We found good spots on the balcony near the stage on the side that Zac faces.

We stayed for all 3 sets, Curtis Peoples, Gaelic Storm and then Hanson.

After that, Shayla, Marisa and I went to the casino and listened to The Spring Standards.

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