Monday January 19
Before we went to bed, we ordered room service breakfast to be delivered Monday morning. We had planned to eat, and then get in line for the Hanson (and others) M&G.;

Around 11:15 we headed to get in line, and the line surprisingly was not that bad. Of course, by the time 12 came around (when the M&G; was scheduled to start) the line went up a set of stairs, into the dining room, around the dining room and was almost meeting itself!

The line moved really fast and first up was Hanson. Zac signed my poster and wrote “TO KATIE” on it for me. I was happy about that because I have an autograph where Taylor had written my name and one where Isaac had, but none where Zac had yet! Then it was on to Taylor and Isaac. I told them they had to top “Under The Sea” from the night before and Taylor said they should “Keep it in the family” and sing “Kiss The Girl” then he and Isaac started SINGING IT TO ME! They were still going when security was shooing me away, I wanted to wait for Maribeth but they wouldn’t let me.

We also met Blackberry Smoke, Tyrone Wells and Wideawake. The lead singer of Wideawake gave Maribeth a one of a kind signed tea cup from the band.

We headed to the Lido Deck where Sam Thacker was playing. As soon as we got out there they introduced Stephen Kellogg to the stage. We stayed for Sam and some of Carbon Leaf.

After that, we decided that we’d use my leg brace to curt the M&G; line and try to get our poster signed by as many bands as we could.

Because the Hanson line was STILL GOING, the next M&G; was held on the floor above. Here we met Graham Colton, Cowboy Mouth, Scott Muns, Alternate Routes and Ernie Halter. Eric from the Alternate Routes has been best friends with my cousin for as long as I can remember, and when I introduced myself to him he was like “The Hanson Fan!” Apparently my cousin does talk about me LOL We were the first ones through and it went very quickly.

Went back out to Lido for more Carbon Leaf (I think) until it was time for M&G; #3 of the day – where we met Michael Tolcher, Green River Ordinance, David Ryan Harris and Gaelic Storm who were so drunk and hilarious.

We also found out that Hanson signed from 12 until 2:45. YIKES. Those boys must still be recovering from hand cramps!

Later in the evening, Marisa and I felt like we were in an episode of Seinfeld. We were relaxing in the room. Maribeth was buying a shuttle ticket because she had to disembark early because her flight had gotten bumped. Michele was out and about. We hear all this noise at the door and Michele busts in saying that she just met ZAC HANSON on the 9th floor near the elevators. Five minutes later, we hear MORE rustling at the door and Maribeth busts in saying that SHE met Zac Hanson on the 3rd floor. Marisa and I just kind of looked at each other like “Why are we in the room?” And we decided to go explore.

After dinner we went to the Palladium to see Aslyn and Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. We went to the balcony because the floor area was not sloped so we weren’t sure how well we’d be able to see. We ended up near the VIP section and Isaac and his wife watched SK6ers. Isaac got really into “Start The Day Early” and was dancing and singing it to his wife. It’s cute how in love with her he is!

We left and checked out the tail end of The Alternate Routes set on the Lido deck. Then we wanted to snag seats for Michael Tolcher and Friends, but SH/DC was in the Criterion Lounge and it was hot and crowded so we decided to leave. Maribeth sat me down near the Promenade stage and went to see if Marisa was around. She wasn’t, but who should walk by but Zac Hanson?

He jumped on stage with Scott Munns and Francisco Vidal and played drums for “Last Dance with Mary Jane” (which seemed to be a very popular cover song on the boat) after he was done i told him great job and he said thanks. He lingered around for a bit so Maribeth went to talk to him and got photos taken with him.

Then it was MY turn to bust in the room and say I had met Zac. But it had to be done quietly because Michele was already asleep LOL

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