Sunday January 18
We were docked in Nassau when we woke up. We got our bathing suits on and got ready for our excursion. We decided we were going to come back and change afterwards and then explore Nassau (looking back, probably a bad idea)

It was quite a walk to the boat, but luckily the guys running the boat were very helpful and made sure I had no problems getting on (though it was pretty freaking scary) We had a 30 minute ride out to the area where we would snorkel. I had decided last minute that I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. Good thing I decided that because on the walk to the boat my shoe cut my ankle and I dont think it would have felt too nice to dip it in very salty water!!

Almost everyone went snorkeling and the water was FREEZING. Many didn’t last much longer than 15-20 minutes in the water. One of the crew guys said he was staying with the “sane” people because the water was so cold. If the locals think its cold – you know it is!

We had a nice ride back with some rum punch and dancing. Then we went back to the boat and we decided to rent a wheelchair for me so that I wouldn’t get tired out and I could try and not mess up my foot any more than it already was.

Our first stop was the Hard Rock Cafe because I am obsessed with them and have to get bears at them and visit them anywhere I go. I got 2 bears and then we went up and down a couple of streets and did some shopping and then headed back to the boat to rest until dinner.

We all shared snails at dinner. They were good. There were a couple guys we swore had to have been in a band but we didn’t know who they were. We also came back to our first towel animal, a rabbit we named peter.

Hanson was playing on the Lido that night so we headed out 2 sets before theirs to try and get a good spot. When we walked out, The Kin was on stage – and THEY were the guys from dinner! I knew they had to have been in a band!

Next up was Green River Ordinance who were also really great and then Hanson came on stage, of course ridiculously late. (Earlier we were commenting on how everyone elses sets ended and were set up like clock work, leave it to Hanson to mess that up lol)

Andy, the owner of Sixthman, had dared Hanson to play until 3 am – AND THEY DID. We were standing in that same spot on the Lido deck for 5 or so hours. My legs were KILLING me by the time we were done.

There were still a ton of more exciting things going on, but I was exhausted so Maribeth and I went back to the room to crash.

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