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LiveNation Fan Guarantee


For a while I have read that LiveNation / Ticketmaster has a fan guarantee – at participating venues, you can change your mind within 72 hours of your purchase and get a full refund.  Or, if you happen to find better seats you can exchange as well (supposedly this works up until the week before the show!)  I had never tried it before but recently found myself in a situation where I decided to try it out.

I was trying to get Little Mix tickets through the Facebook presale – and ended up losing 1st row because the site glitched on the last part of the order screen (I was so mad!) and when I saw I had 5th row on my phone on the app, I tried to get those instead.  Except the app ended up glitching as well and I had nothing.  I ended up buying 12th row – then figured out I could get VIP in the first 10 rows for twice as much (including meeting Little Mix) OR soundcheck VIP for just $25 more in essentially the same area I just bought.  I debated calling to cancel (buyers remorse for sure!) but figured I’d see what happened in the pre-sale the next morning instead.

Imagine my surprise when the 5th row ticket I had lost on the app the day before popped back up! I snatched it up without hesitation – though kept looking to see if that front row ticket would show up again. It didn’t.  I debated listing the extra ticket on StubHub – but ultimately decided to easiest thing to do would be cancel the order through the guarantee and not have to worry about not being able to sell it. But always had StubHub as backup just in case.

I called the number on Ticketmaster’s “Contact Us” page and needed to let them know the order number (for the order I wanted to cancel), address and last 4 digits of the credit card used to purchase the ticket.  The plus side to calling Ticketmaster is their hold music is pretty good – Jack Johnson and Carrie Underwood were among the snippets of songs I got to listen to while I was on hold for approximately 13 minutes. (Estimate was 15!)  When I first said I was looking to cancel one order because I had found a better ticket I was told “We have a strict no refund or exchange policy” Oh, Really?  I asked “What about the fan guarantee?” and was told they’d have to check to see if it was a participating venue.  Back on hold I went!

When she came back she said she could cancel it no problem and a full refund would be back in my account in 7-10 days.  Pretty easy – the worst part was the hold time. (It’s too bad that you can’t do the cancellation through the website, but I guess that would make it *too* easy.)

A list of participating venues can be found here (Be sure to double check this list before you’re buying tickets to make sure all the same venues are still participating!)


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 10.59.53 AM

*I had been moving this post to accommodate for more ‘timely’ posts several times. Turns out, Little Mix canceled the tour so I would have been refunded for both orders either way!*

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StubHub Ultimate Fan Collection Contest

My Hanson ticket collection is in the Top 10 in Stub Hub’s “Ultimate Fan Collection” contest and I would love, love, love if you could vote for me!  All you need to do is “Like” stub hub on Facebook and then go to the “Ultimate Fan” contest link.  (You may have to hit the dropdown all the way over to the right to see it in the options).  Then find me – Katie! with the Hanson tickets and click “My Vote”  you can vote once per day until March 31.

If you’d prefer a direct link right to the contest – here it is:

This will probably be the only time I post about it on the blog, though I will probably do reminders on Facebook and Twitter every few days. (I want votes but I’m trying not to be obnoxious about it!)

The prize is $500 to StubHub which obviously would allow me to review a few more concerts here that I otherwise may not have gone to.

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Cool Concert Stages

There are 3 big arena shows that I am going to (so far!) in 2013.  Aside from them all being at the Mohegan Sun Arena, they all have pretty neat stage set ups.  I thought I’d share what the stages are supposed to look like, and then I’ll see if I can get a picture of what they end up as at the shows.


Those shows are – Maroon 5’s tour, P!NK’s tour and NKOTB’s Tour (w/ 98 degrees and Boyz II Men.)

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The Death of a Concert Ticket

I got emailed a link to this info graphic of “The Death of the Concert Ticket” and I found it to be quite interesting.  It seems like the ticket monopoly Ticketmaster is trying to lean towards phasing out paper tickets and lean towards ticketfast tickets.  As I’ve probably mentioned on here before – I hate these tickets.  They are way too big to comfortably fit in your purse, and even after you cut them down they are way too big to comfortably fit on your scrapbook pages!  But recently I saw that it was $5 to MAIL the concert ticket – ticketfast was free.  I opted for willcall… but I’m thinking that next they’ll be charging for that too.  Then I’ll have to decide just how much the tickets are worth to me.  Right now, not $5.  Later on down the road?  Maybe.

I have been to one “paperless” show this summer.  You can check out my details about that in my Jason Mraz review. Just type Jason Mraz in the search bar under Zac Hanson on the title bar! (Did you even know that the search function was hiding there?)

And here is the info graphic for those intereseted

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Ticketmaster Goes Pink!

For the month of October, Ticketmaster was sending out PINK tickets! At first I wasn’t sure if it was just for tickets purchased in October for other October events – but then I got a pink ticket to see Honor Society in November and – best of all – the ticket I ordered to see P!NK in 2013 is also pink! How perfect is that?

Here’s the press release about it:

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – In support of the NFL’s “A Crucial Catch” breast cancer awareness campaign, Ticketmaster, a Live Nation Entertainment company (NYSE: LYV), announced today that all Ticketmaster tickets for the month of October will be pink to help raise awareness for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Additionally, a portion of every NFL ticket sold on Ticketmaster and on NFL Ticket Exchange, the official ticket resale marketplace of the NFL, in October will go toward the American Cancer Society’s fight against breast cancer.


“Breast cancer affects so many of our families, which is why we are proud to team up with the NFL to support the American Cancer Society and raise funds for breast cancer research, treatment and education,” said Nathan Hubbard , CEO of Ticketmaster. “This is the first time in Ticketmaster’s more than 35-year history we are changing the color of the Ticketmaster ticket and we hope the millions of pink Ticketmaster tickets will help raise breast cancer awareness. With a portion of NFL tickets sold during October going directly to support breast cancer programs at the American Cancer Society, every fan of live entertainment will be doing their part to help beat breast cancer.”

In addition to the donations made through a portion of tickets sales in October, Ticketmaster will also be raising funds through the auction of official pink NFL merchandise signed by Hall of Fame Quarterback Troy Aikman , who is serving as the spokesman for NFL Ticket Exchange powered by Ticketmaster. As part of the NFL’s “A Crucial Catch” breast cancer awareness campaign, Mr. Aikman has autographed special commemorative NFL merchandise that will be auctioned for charity on NFL Auction (

“The American Cancer Society continues fighting for every birthday threatened by breast cancer in every community,” said Roshini George , National Vice President of Health Promotions for the American Cancer Society. “Through the generous support of Ticketmaster and the NFL, we look forward to continuing to make important strides in the fight against breast cancer.”

To learn more about how you can get involved in the fight against breast cancer, please visit the American Cancer Society at or join the conversation onFacebook and Twitter.
PR Newswire (

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One Direction VIP Drama (and a trip to Jamaica)

On Tuesday, Hanson had announced that they were doing a concert series in Jamaica in January 2013 – during all the excitement to get $500 to put a downpayment on a room at the resort for the next day’s booking – One Direction announced their US tour.  (And then we accidentally booked the wrong dates for Jamaica and I spent half the day Wednesday on the phone panicking and getting everything straightened out!)

I was quickly able to find a friend willing to do VIP for the NYC show with me.  I checked my bank account to see if it would be possible to pull off putting $500 for Jamaica and 2 $350 VIP tickets on my account (I could, barely!) and got ready for Thursday at 4pm when the on sale was.

I had never used VIP Nation before and VIP Nation very much underestimated the power of the fan girl.  (I also think in addition to One Direction VIP, Drake VIP went on sale a few hours earlier and KiSS VIP earlier that day) The site pretty much immediately crashed and by the time I did get the NYC page to load again – it said it was Sold Out!

Turns out the 1D fans “melted” 3 of the servers and then at 8pm it was time to try again once everything was beefed up to handle the traffic.  At 8pm the site was still not working for me and when I finally got in it said that all tickets were reserved.  For the next 3 hours I refreshed hoping that 2 tickets would pop up.  At first, only 1 did.  I passed.  I had to make sure my friend and I would both be going. When 2 did pop up, by the time I got to my cart it said that it was gone again! (And while all this was going on there was a wootoff and I was trying to get a Bag of Crap. No luck there either!)

I honestly can not recall a time EVER before where I put so much time in to attempting to get tickets only to end up with NOTHING.  This morning, the regular on sale tickets went on sale for the tour – but considering that The Beacon Theater is so small and the VIP onsale still left a bad taste in my mouth, I opted to skip this tour entirely.

There was a rumor that Wallingford was supposed to be one of the dates, so I will just hope that it ends up getting added at a later date. If not, I’ve seen 1D once before and for now that’s ok.  And, I still have my Hanson trip to Jamaica to look forward to for the next 9 months.  (Or if there is anyone out there reading this that can hook me up with 2 tickets to the matinee Beacon Theater show – let me know!)

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I should probably save this post for my book, which I have still not yet started writing, but I did start mapping out topics so at least I am moving in the right direction, but I just wanted to share some presale mis-haps that have happened in the last couple of weeks.

1. Maroon 5 – I joined their fanclub the night before the presale and everything was all well and good.  I got the code when I needed to and headed to ticketmaster.  For 30 minutes NO seats whatsoever came up.  Then a pair finally came up but I was also supposed to be at a meeting for work so I lost them.  Then the SAME pair ended up coming back after another 15 minutes of NOTHING. So I snatched them.  Not the best seats, not the worst, but last time the show sold out so badly that not even broker sites had tickets! (I have never seen such a thing before) so I had to make sure I’d be getting through the doors.

2. Big Time Rush – I didn’t join their fanclub because I saw that they had a Fan Club bundle pack going on which means you can see what seat you would get and then it tacks the $20 fanclub fee on to the ticket purchase.  I picked Rows 1-26 but the 2nd section row DD kept coming up (which I guess is technically row 26 or there abouts) but I had made a deal with myself I’d only go if I got front section seats.  Then the Credit Card presale started and I pulled up THIRD ROW… except that I do not have an american express card and you needed one to check out. So I lost it.  Then my coworker walked by so I asked if he had an American Express card and he DID.  Fortunately he is a nice guy and let me use it (and I gave him most of the cash right then and the rest the next day) and I ended up getting something like 11th row. Moral of the story? Think about getting an American Express card (as if I do not already have enough credit cards!)

As for my book – my plan was to start writing it in May when I am on the plane to Tulsa to see Hanson. (Ignore the fact that I wanted to have it “out” but the end of last year!) I have a skeleton table of contents being worked on and a TON of ideas going on in my head – just finding the time to put things down on paper is hard – especially considering I was just asked by my job to work overtime.   (The good thing is – and I’ll spill this secret – I have a LOT of posts pre-written for the next couple of months – mostly book reviews – so it hopefully will not affect my ability to continue blogging every day,  since I really only need to fill in a few blanks with The Voice and Idol posts every week.)

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Ticketmaster class action suit

Recently I got an email saying that a class action suit had been filed against Ticketmaster and that I was included because I had made purchases from ticketmaster in the time period of October 1999 to October 2011.   I didn’t read all the details of the email, but from what I understand is that anyone who purchased tickets is eligible for a $1.50 refund per ORDER.  This was exciting, since I logged in to my account and saw that in my history I had 48 orders – but that only went up to 2006. That’s $72 – and who knows how many more transactions I had between 1999 and 2006!

Then I saw the “fine print” (actually, I had it explained to me by someone else) – you are eligible for $1.50 for only up to 17 transactions – for a total of $25.50.  The money is not sent to you in check form but in voucher form to use on future transactions using ticketmaster.

Again, this was ok – I’m bound to use ticketmaster again soon because they seem to be in kahoots with about 90% of the venues I go to.  Except that then there was more “fine print”. You can’t use it all in one transaction but you can only use $3 of it at a time to discount future transactions.  So basically, if you want to use it you’d have to purchase at least 9 more tickets from ticketmaster. (9 separate orders)  Not that I’ll have a problem doing this – but I’d have been a lot happier with a $25.50 discount on one transaction – it might make the difference between me deciding to upgrade to VIP or to attend a show I wasn’t considering because of it being too expensive.

Oh well, at least I will hopefully be getting credits sometime in 2012. (I think they are scheduled to go out in April or May of 2012)  I thought that money was gone anyway, so in a way it is “free money”

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New York Comic Con October 15

A couple of weeks ago a few of the local radio stations were giving away 3-Day passes to the New York Comic Con.  After the fail that was the Wizarding World Comic Con in May, I figured it would be worth a shot to see one that may be just a little bit more organized (and in a much bigger venue).   I bid all my points on one of the auctions, but unfortunately did not have enough points to ultimately pull out a win.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that afternoon when someone from the station called me and said that since they “had a bunch of passes” they were giving me a pair since I came in second on the auction!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend all 3 days, but my brother and I did make the trek there on Saturday.  There is no easy way to get to the Javits center but we took the train in to Grand Central, took the S to Times Square, then walked what seemed like a mile and a half to the C train… then went from Penn Station / Madison Square Garden on 8th Ave up to 11th ave.  By the time we got there I was exhausted and knew that we would absolutely be cabbing it back. (When we got home we realized they had a SHUTTLE from Grand Central! Except we had seen no info about it on the website ahead of time)

We ended up spending about 3 hours walking around and it was really overwhelming.  Fortunately we had a list of a few things we wanted to buy / check out and figured out what locations they were at and managed to get all on our list. (Except for one item which I am pretty sure my brother made up. lol)  We also stumbled upon the Oscar the Grouch muppet from Sesame Street so of course I HAD to get a photo with him!

Also before we headed to the concourse I saw a boy at a booth – he looked familiar. He smiled at me, I smiled back but for the life of me couldn’t remember who he was. I thought he was Derek from Degrassi.  Got home, looked him up, sure enough it was!  I probably should have talked to him because no one was at the booth – but I didn’t want to walk up to him and be like “Ok so you look REALLY familiar to me, but who the heck are you?”

After leaving the floor we head over to the Autograph area. At first I was all excited to possibly meet Mark Hamill, but then realized that his autograph would have cost me $100 – which was all I brought to begin with and was certainly NOT what I had left on me at that point!  I spotted Jewel Staite who I recognized from being on ONE episode of 2gether.  She had also been on a Disney show I used to watch and a bunch of other shows I’ve watched here and there so I opted to go and meet her.  Hey, if I can’t meet QT because he has passed away – the next best thing would be to meet everyone he interacted with on the show – right? right.  She was really sweet and signed an auto for me, shook my hand and briefly chatted. (I didn’t tell her that I really wanted to meet her because she was on one episode of 2gether though lol)

After that we opted to hail a cab and head home.  The floors were crowded (as to be expected), I was exhausted from the moment we stepped in the door… and I almost lost my shoe no less than 5 times by guys stepping on me.   I’m sure there was a TON that we missed, but I’m not really sure how to attend in a more organized manner.  Just walk up and down every aisle, I guess! (Which easily could have taken all day!)

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Ticketmaster Envelopes

Ticketmaster’s website boasts if you purchase tickets and have them shipped via US Mail, they will come in a plain white envelope.

US Mail

Get your tickets in 10-14 days, delivered in a plain white envelope.

(As seen on

However, recently my ticketmaster tickets have been coming with the word TICKETMASTER pretty freaking huge on the return address area of the envelope.

What gives?  I don’t remember the having this blatantly obvious return address label a few months ago.

Are they trying to get more people to print at home by scaring them in to thinking someone might snag the envelope since it is now pretty obvious that it is event tickets?

They aren’t going to scare me – I hate printing tickets because they look so freaking awful in scrapbooks! I really home e-tickets and print at home do not become the norm.

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