Recently I got an email saying that a class action suit had been filed against Ticketmaster and that I was included because I had made purchases from ticketmaster in the time period of October 1999 to October 2011.   I didn’t read all the details of the email, but from what I understand is that anyone who purchased tickets is eligible for a $1.50 refund per ORDER.  This was exciting, since I logged in to my account and saw that in my history I had 48 orders – but that only went up to 2006. That’s $72 – and who knows how many more transactions I had between 1999 and 2006!

Then I saw the “fine print” (actually, I had it explained to me by someone else) – you are eligible for $1.50 for only up to 17 transactions – for a total of $25.50.  The money is not sent to you in check form but in voucher form to use on future transactions using ticketmaster.

Again, this was ok – I’m bound to use ticketmaster again soon because they seem to be in kahoots with about 90% of the venues I go to.  Except that then there was more “fine print”. You can’t use it all in one transaction but you can only use $3 of it at a time to discount future transactions.  So basically, if you want to use it you’d have to purchase at least 9 more tickets from ticketmaster. (9 separate orders)  Not that I’ll have a problem doing this – but I’d have been a lot happier with a $25.50 discount on one transaction – it might make the difference between me deciding to upgrade to VIP or to attend a show I wasn’t considering because of it being too expensive.

Oh well, at least I will hopefully be getting credits sometime in 2012. (I think they are scheduled to go out in April or May of 2012)  I thought that money was gone anyway, so in a way it is “free money”

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