5 Tech Products that will be dead in 5 years

I was recently reading this article from Techlicious about 5 Tech Products that will be dead in 5 years.  I was surprised that I actually use 4 of the 5 currently and I am not sure how glad I am that they will potentially soon be obsolete!

1 – GPS – I love my Garmin and I am not sure where I would be without it (literally. I would probably be driving around New Jersey somewhere with no idea what the heck I need to do to get home)  I am not sure that I would ever 100% switch over to using my smart phone.  The screen is much smaller, it doesn’t talk to me (at least not the app I have on there now) and I feel like I’d be a lot more nervous to check it than I am with checking the GPS on the dash.

2. Computer CD-Rom/DVD Drives – this is how I install software and how I import my music CDs to the computer.   I can see software now being able to be downloaded – but are CDs really going to disappear to and make EVERYTHING digital? I hope not!  Then what would I have artists sign when I meet them?

3. Wireless Routers – I am kind of ok with this one becoming obsolete.  Ours has so much drama and has to be reset so often that it is kind of a pain in the butt.  I’d welcome a different option for this!

4. Netbooks – I don’t have a netbook nor do I see the purpose for one when I have a laptop so if these go bye bye I won’t really care.

5. eReaders – The thought is that tablets are going to take over for the ereaders. I guess I can see this happening because the tablets will be able to do more than just read a book – but do I really want and need all those distractions? Probably not.  Although considering my Nook is just over a year old and is already missing a line of the screen – this thing is not going to last me forever and I am going to need to replace it in the not so distant future.

Which of these 5 items do you use regularly? Which will you be most sad to see go?

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