Honor Society New York City!

Wednesday night Honor Society played a hometown/homecoming show at the Webster Hall Marlin Room in New York City.  The train ride there was fun, as we ended up sitting next to the bathroom and a drunk kid broke the lock on the door so we ended up having to keep an eye on the door whenever anyone went in and had to stop a couple people from walking in on someone else lol

Doors were already open when we made it to Webster Hall (and we walked past a block that was blocked off because Obama was in town) so we made our way inside.  They were REALLY thorough with checking bags.  Like to the point where it was kind of wrong that the lady was pulling everything out of our bags (I offered to take it out for her because I’d prefer her NOT touch my stuff and she said no and started grabbing everything herself. How rude!) And she took my sharpie from me.  I’m pretty sure it was on its last leg anyway, but still. The fact that she even FOUND it in my jam packed purse was kind of ridiculous. (And I assure you I was not going to use it for anything inappropriate – I usually have them in there just in case I find someone I want an autograph from and to be honest I didn’t even really know it was still in there!) While I was getting everything torn apart from my purse Alex came over and tapped me on the shoulder. I don’t know why because when I turned he wasn’t facing me to talk to me or anything haha.

Sunderland was already playing by the time we got inside, apparently their mics weren’t working in the beginning of their set but we missed that.  Alex Goot went on second and then The Trace.  Honor Society took the stage at about 9:30 and played the same set as they did in New Jersey.  There was so much fog being pumped in (something that ALWAYS has me sneezing the next day, I don’t understand it) that it was nearly impossible to get a photo with a flash and without a flash the guys were moving around a bit too much with the poor lighting to actually catch a decent photo.  But the show was high energy, as always, and we got a video of Over You.  I think I may have to edit some of it down to upload it to youtube but I will post it once it is up and running so you can all check it out and fall in love with Honor Society…  It was a bit bittersweet though because we had gone from seeing them at the Knitting Factory, to selling out Irving Plaza, to selling out Gramercy Theater, then Irving Plaza again (without the help of the Jonas Brothers) and then Nokia / Best Buy Theater in Times Square… so to see a 500 capacity show not quite to capacity was kind of sad.  HOWEVER the Times Square show was a weekend and this was a Wednesday so that may have had something to do with it because it was a school/work night – but still…. frustrating that it seems so many have moved on 🙁

After the show we bolted to the merch table to be first in line for the meet and greet, but still had to wait almost an hour for them to come out.  We had never been first in line before so that was pretty cool 😉  I told the guys it was my 30th show and Mike and Andy told me that that made me an Honor Society veteran! And I told Andy about Hanson’s beer and he said he’d have to try it when it became available lol  (I still can’t believe  they’re doing that but whatever)

We were able to grab a drink at Grand Central before hopping on the 12:15 back home.  Of course the train stopped on the “wrong” side – aka the inbound side with the HUGE gap. I wasn’t sure how I’d handle it being half asleep but I managed.   Also – I’m going to have to give Webster Hall an F on being ADA compliant because no one ever responded to my email about getting a seat and it didn’t even look like anyone was around who worked at the place to ask (aside from the bag checking lady who did not seem like she was someone I really wanted to deal with!)

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