TIC Christmas Show

Thursday night was TIC’s annual Christmas Concert.  It was once again held at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT.  I usually love going to the Oakdale, but that night I had a particularly angry bag check woman.  First, she yelled at my because my bag couldn’t be around my neck when she checked it.  I’ve been to 250+ concerts and have never had a problem just holding it open while it was still attached to me, so the fact that she got so rude about it was completely uncalled for – as this is apparently a new rule.  Then she asked if I had a lens piece in my purse.  I said no, it was my camera and she said she’d have to see it – then went off about how it WAS a lens piece.  Maybe I’m mistaken, but when I hear “lens piece” I think – removable lens.  Not a thing that is attached and can not be removed from my camera.  She and another guy were saying I’d have to check my camera and pick it up after the show – but then she asked someone else (who looked a bit more official) and he said it was fine.  The rule is generally no professional cameras – ie cameras with detachable lens.  Mine is not… and I brought it to a show at this venue before and had no problems. *shrug*

The show was supposed to start at 7, but the doors to the theater didn’t open until 7! Usually this isn’t a problem, but I was pretty exhausted and hoping to be home by 11 to get a decent nights sleep for the first time in days.

Christina Perri took the stage at about 7:20.  She had performed last year as well but was upgraded from performing only 4 songs to 7.  3 of them she had done last year as well, but now she has an actual album out!  She also threw in a Christmas song  and she and her band donned Christmas hats during that one song.  Her song of choice was John Lennon’s Happy Christmas, War is Over.  One of the new songs she did (that wasn’t done last year) was 1000 years which is on the Twilight soundtrack.  She said one of her new years resolutions was to have a song in one of her favorite movies so she was glad that happened for her.

Next up was Gavin DeGraw.  To be honest, I was a bit shocked he was the second act and not The Fray, but I guess I don’t have as much of an idea of Top 40 popularity as I thought I did!  Gavin’s set was similar to when I saw him last month in Pennsylvania but of course a bit shorted.  Gavin did 7 songs which was most of his singles and a couple others thrown in.  He didn’t do any Christmas songs, and he had no problem commanding the crowd. He is a great performer and I am glad that he went from someone on my “must see” concert list to someone I saw perform 3 times this year!

Then it was time for The Fray.  Unfortunately I am not familiar with their stuff at all and have not been able to figure out what their first song was based on the notes I wrote for it.  They did 8 songs, several from their new album which will be coming out in February.  For one of the songs, the lead singer, Isaac, called a girl up from the audience on stage.  He said he had someone specific in mind and was surprised when she was actually there.  One of the band members had found her on twitter and they had her come up on stage and gave her a teddy bear for a song (The Christmas Song).  I thought that was pretty cool and a new way to interact with fans using social media!  Also during one of the songs Isaac went through the crowd, and I was right on the aisle of my section and that is right where he walked by!  The girl in front of me had a sign and he took it from her! I am not sure what it said,but she was so incredibly excited that he took it. (And I think he stuck it in his back pocket!)

Finally it was time for the headliner – Miss Kelly Clarkson!  Kelly is also on my list of artists that I had to see live – one of the only Idols that I am a fan of that I’ve yet to see live.  Kelly did 8 songs and was great – really high energy and I liked that she talked a lot with the crowd about the songs.  At one point she apologized for talking too much – but I really like when artists tell little stories or anecdotes about their songs and why they wrote them or put them on the album, etc.  For instance – after Stronger she said that she loved the song but there was nowhere to BREATHE when singing it live! She also added a christmas song to her set – I’ll Be Home For Christmas.  I was surprised that her set was so short, but she will be back next month and I am really looking forward to seeing her again and with a full set!

After all was said and done, I made it home just before midnight so I was able to get a little bit more sleep than the previous couple of nights but I am really looking forward to sleeping in this weekend.


Setlists under the cut for all 4 acts!

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