Honor Society Mexicali Live November 29

Honor Society is hitting the road this fall in support of the Salvation Army on the Rock The Red Kettle tour.  Tuesday night they played Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ.  It was a raining night which made the drive there a bit of a pain in the butt, but I made it with time to spare before doors and soon was comfortably sitting at a table along the side in what was a hybrid of handicapped seating and reserved restaurant seating.  I ordered a bite to eat for dinner and waited for the show to start!

Honor Society was also selling Alex’s drum head that I guess had broken or decided to be replaced for $60.  Would have loooved to have it (even though $60 was all I had in my wallet) but the women in the door just before me snatched it! So close! Ah well. Not sure what I would have done with a huge drumhead anyhow.

There were 4 opening bands – each of which treated us to a cover – Hollywood Ending was up first and did Jonas Brothers Year 3000.  Sunderland was the second band of the night and did a cover of Jimmy Eat World’s The Middle in their set.  The Trace was up third and performed a cover of Foster the People’s Pumped Up Kicks and Alex Goot treated us to TWO covers – Vanessa Carlton’s 1000 miles (after watching White Chicks this weekend – that had me cracking up) and a medly of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream and Firework with Taio Cruise’s Dynamite thrown in for good measure.

Honor Society did not end up taking the stage until 10pm, when the show kicked off at 6:30.  As much as I love being introduced to new bands (they were actually all decent at this show, surprisingly!) 4 opening acts is just a bit too much.  They played for about an hour.  The set was a mix of new and old, as they are promoting their latest EP, A Tale of Risky Business Part 2.  They also threw in a cover of Jane Says by Janes Addiction and threw in a little Justin Timberlake (!!) in the middle of Over You.  (I do not support Justin’s acting career but would love to see him come back to music, particularly with NSYNC. I’ll keep dreaming)

The guys were all dressed in matching suits for the show which was quite a change from their usual stage clothes, but certainly a welcome one!  After the show we waited for the meet and greet and got through in less than an hour, which I think is some sort of record! The guys all asked if I’d be going again to the NYC show (of course I am!) and said it was nice to see me again.  I feel like I should be writing more about this show but I am just SO exhausted (Not sure why I thought 3 shows in a row – with reviews starting the day of the 3rd show here on the blog were a good idea!)

Setlist under the cut and a review of the NYC show to hopefully be posted tomorrow 🙂

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