How many glasses have your guests broken when you held a get together? Too many to count? Now your worries are over! You now have the best unbreakable, freezable, shatterproof and reusable silicone glasses on Amazon by Ramini Brands.

They are made of 100% food grade non-stick silicone – BPA-free, FDA compliant and Eco-Friendly. They are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. They can withstand temperatures bettwen -40C and +250C.  They are designed to prevent taste transfer and leaks (who needs that!). They are easy to clean – wash them by hand or throw them in the diswasher.

They have a pretty cool look, so you don’t have to hesitate using them around your guests. They will certainly spark conversation and allow your friends and family to “wine” down.

I loved the idea of these “glasses” because being disabled I often lose my balance, fall, etc while carrying glasses which always makes me nervous because if I drop them I could break them or even worse, break them and injure myself with the glass.  With these being made out of silicone I can carry them around and not have to worry – if they fall, they fall and nothing will happen. (Except maybe the drink will spill, but that’s easy enough to clean up!)

These are also bendable and foldable so you can pack them if you’re going on a camping trip, keep it in your pocket if you’re at a party and don’t want to loose track of where your glass is.

They did smell when we first got them – we ran them through the dishwasher and then washed them with baking soda as suggested – but the smell persisted.  It took a few washings to get rid of the smell entirely.

SAVE $5! If you’d like to buy your own set of glasses – simply use this link:


I received a free set of these glasses in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.



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